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When we imagine our dream home, the living room is often where our mind naturally wanders to. And why not? It’s usually where we relax, entertain or our first “landing spot” when we come home. 


Therefore, we thought we’d create this collection of some of the favorite living rooms we’ve done. We hope that these living room styling in Hong Kong will give you some ideas for your own. And you can always click into the full home stories for the one you like.

In the living room, Karman was moving into the flat with her existing sofa, so we curated a selection of pieces that worked with it and the rest of the interior design. We picked a cowhide rug to give the base of the room some texture, and we also felt like the gradient "caught" the sunlight well with its oh-so slight shine. The simple and beautiful wooden floor lamp and the plants helped add some organic elements to the living room, especially the seating area. 

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André brought us in to style his new home in Mid-levels, Hong Kong. While a somewhat challenging layout, we were able to create an elegant and cozy abode for André's first home in Hong Kong, while still keeping and displaying a lot of his personal accessories and sentimental pieces.


A style that blended an elegant and modern vibe while incorporating a few of his decor accessories and art.  Here we created a bright and inviting living room with a touch of modern rustic and ethnic feel. 

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We loved how this living room turned out. We wanted the living room to be an irresistible place to fall into, so we made sure it was a place that naturally drew the eye as one walked in (of course, the amazing view helped). We picked a simple and fuzzy geometric area rug to add subtle visual interest and warmth to the space. It also served to section the area nicely. The two lounge chairs made this a gathering space as well as a quiet reading nook, while the round coffee tables set added a nice contrast to the very rectangular space. Finally, we used a concrete pot and faux flowers to bring "nature" and softness to the flat. 

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Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 11.09.43
Nest on Gage

For this living room, we changed out the TV ledge into the same customized oakwood top as the entrance's. That way, when you walk into the living room from the entrance hallway, your eyes can easily follow through and notice the coherence throughout the two connecting spaces. With the neutral tone grey sofa that was already there, we added a Boho-style fuzzy area rug underneath it to create a sense of warmth and inviting-ness. We also added accent cushions and throws to add balance to the colors of the room.

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The entrance of the apartment opened to the living room, so it was especially important to freshen up this space. We chose a relatively darker and richer paint colour for the feature wall behind the sofa with, which provided a great sunk-in feeling to the room and felt warm and cozy during the day and at night. A dark wall is also great for giving the white sofa and extra pop.

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Vivienne Living Room.png
Gentlemen's Pad

In this living space with a faux brick wall, our living room styling services focused the houseplants next to the sofa to loosen up the edges and hide the pillar in the room. Of course, they also worked wonders to calm the mind and to purify the air in the apartment. The existing coffee table that the owner had did not match with the rest of the furniture, so we decided to replace the coffee table with one that matched the overall minimal and rustic theme. Finally, we added some accent cushions and throws to balance out the colour of the room.

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Crystel's Home

As Crystel had already purchased a large yellow sofa beforehand, a lot of our living room styling work went into choosing pieces that worked around it. In particular, we selected a more neutral and appropriately sized coffee table with a flip-up tabletop for work or meals during her (self-proclaimed) Netflix marathon habits.

We chose the ceiling and floor lamps in round shapes to match, and the pendants were adjustable to provide her with uplights and downlights for different moods and occasions. 

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Ryan's Galaxy

For this project, we probably loved the living room the most. Ryan bought a large Star Wars art piece to fill his living room wall. To match, we chose a blue rug with a glossy piles of short fur that didn’t require a lot of maintenance and a grey toned sofa bed tone down so the whole area didn’t look too crowded. 

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Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create your dream home for HKD3,500/room.

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