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When we were deciding our home styling prices, we knew that while we wanted to keep it at an accessible level, we also wanted to be able to offer a very high-touch and personalized service.


Therefore, we opted to charge home decoration prices that reflected an accessible service. At the same time, we built commission-based partnerships with quality brands and service providers in order to keep our prices affordable. We knew that as long as we operated authentically and adhered to our simple but powerful QC standard (“has to be at least good enough for our own mothers!”), we’d be able to create a harmonious business with the right home decoration and partnerships for our customers.

Terms of Service

By purchasing our service, you agree and consent to the Terms of Service of The Editors Company as below:


The Editors Company ("TEC") provides the virtual interior styling services to its customers ("Customer") under these terms:

Design Service


  1. Virtual (phone and instant messaging) consultation and communication with the Customer to develop a Design Proposal

  2. Design Proposal (please refer to website "Plans" section for details on deliverable) with furniture, accessories and service provider purchase recommendations.

  3. All work will be performed on a best-efforts basis and TEC does not guarantee the Customer's ultimate acceptance and confirmation of the Design Proposal and product recommendations therein.


Procurement as Intermediary


  1. Upon the Customer’s acceptance of product recommendations and payment to TEC for the purchase of such confirmed products, TEC will place the orders to the respective stores/brands/service providers, ("Seller") on behalf of the customer as soon as practicable.

  2. TEC relies on information provided by customers (e.g. size and dimensions requirements, functional requirements, style preferences) to make product recommendations and only purchase products upon the Customer’s confirmation. Therefore, TEC does not assume any responsibility if the ultimately purchased furniture or accessory does not satisfy the needs or requirements of Customer.

  3. While TEC will offer procurement services on a best-efforts basis from reputable stores, TEC acts solely as intermediary between the Seller(s) and is not responsible for any product defects, delays, non-delivery and any other kind of non-performance by the Seller(s) whatsoever.

  4. All terms and conditions related to product purchases, such as return and refund policy, product guarantees, and delivery terms are subject to the terms and conditions of the Sellers. By appointing TEC to procure confirmed products, the Customer agrees to and acknowledges such terms and conditions therein.

Intellectual Property

  1. All intellectual property contained herein, presented in person, or delivered by any other means, including but not limited to concepts and all accompanying materials in any format and media, is the exclusive and proprietary property of The Editors Company.  Such Property is provided to you at the discretion of The Editors Company for the sole purposes of evaluation and consideration.

  2. By your acceptance hereof, including but not limited to retention of said Property, you agree that you and your affiliates will not use, permit the use of, duplicate, disclose, distribute or otherwise exploit any of this Property or its close facsimile, except pursuant specifically to a duly-executed, written agreement with The Editors Company. 

  3. Any use, duplication, disclosure, distribution, or exploitation of the Property, in whole or in part without The Editors Company express prior written consent, is strictly prohibited.

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By purchasing our service, you agree and consent to the Terms of Service of The Editors Company

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