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#78 Project

Vivienne & eric's new chapter


"We had been living in a pretty empty living & dining room for some time and since our first baby was on way, one day we finally decided to do a makeover and to enhance the space before the baby was here"


Eric and Vivienne was a young couple with a baby on the way (at the time - Joe had since arrived!). Their place was already quite nice with a few nice pieces but, as is the case so often in modern lives, they never “finished” their home and only had the bare essentials. 

project intro

Vivienne and Eric had a baby on the way, and so wanted to make sure their apartment they've been living in for a year was properly decorated before the baby arrived. We fully enjoyed being a part of Vivienne and Eric's new chapter, and also because they were such naturally great people to collaborate with. 

They were into many different styles like Nordic, industrial, French and rustic, and we thought that was OK - people usually don't only like one style. But as we looked at their existing apartment and which of our ideas they were repeatedly drawn to, we developed a good sense of what their overall style direction should be.


We ultimately decided to go with an overall Nordic style that exuded clean lines and muted colors. 

serene dining room.png

Place: 3-Bedroom Apartment

Style: Natural Nordic

Objective: To ensure the place was decorated in line with their personalities.

Location: Parkview Apartments, 88 Tai Tam Road, Hong Kong

a place to be

living room

Stylist's Note 

The entrance of the apartment opened to this living room, so it was especially important to freshen up this space. We chose a relatively dark and rich paint colour for the feature wall behind the sofa with, which provided a great sunk-in feeling to the room and made it feel warm during the day and cozy at night. A darker wall was also great for giving the white sofa an extra pop.


The big sofa paired with smaller accessories worked great to accentuate the clean lines while affording more seating/lounging space. The rug, with its geometric pattern, added subtle visual interest in contrast with the largely square-ish room and furniture. Then we added a floor lamp to the corner next to the sofa to add ambience to an otherwise dark and dead space. 


Finally, we updated the sheer curtain to a more lightweight one and kept the original fabric curtain. The original sheer curtain felt very heavy together with the fabric curtain, making the space looks darker.

Vivienne Living Room.png


a place to connect

serene dining room.png
Stylist's Note 

We needed to create an consistent yet distinct transition into the dining room, so we gave the dining room feature wall a matching colour to the living room's, but was a lighter sand colour that created another more energetic layer to the apartment. 


Eric and Vivienne already had a black top dining table, so we paired it with light coloured oak chairs to give the room a lighter and younger vibe. And for this couple, less is more, so we opted to only add one more piece of furniture and chose an eye-catching walnut and dark green display shelf. 


As shades of green was a theme for this apartment, we tied off the dining room with a simple green pendant. 

home styling in progress.JPEG

Baby Room

a place for nurturing

hong kong baby room.png
baby room crib.png
Stylist's Note 

We helped Vivienne and Eric create the nursery ahead of the baby’s arrival. The overall idea was to create a room that felt like and functioned as a cozy and safe space. The wardrobe doors were a little decrepit, and the originally intention was to change them out. But we actually decided to do in a more environmentally and economically friendly way and painted the middle sections of the doors. And we LOVED how it turned out! We then matched wall behind the crib by painting it in the same green, creating a cocoon-like feeling to the room. Then we selected comfortable furniture in beautiful, serene, and gender-neutral colours. 


We were extra proud of this room because of how meaningful it is to this new chapter in Vivienne and Eric's lives. We are so excited for them!


the intersection

pegboard wall.jpg
Stylist's Note 

There was no storage at the intersection between the entrance, living room, and dining room, but a fully packed trolley and a bench. Vivienne and Eric needed more storage solutions. 


We first figured out where the stuff could go - a white custom-built shoe cabinet at the entrance that fit right into the empty slot and also served as a bench. It combined two needed furniture into one. Then we put up an oak pegboard on the other wall. More than just a multi-functional storage space for daily hanging objects, we thought it could  expressed Vivienne and Eric’s personality too. Not all things need to be stored out of sight! ;)

Pegboard GIF.gif

Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create an amazing home for HKD5,600/room.

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