Working with us is like shopping at the biggest home decor and furniture online store in Hong Kong and abroad...without having to do the work. Over time, we’ve built a quality library of brands and products that include designer furniture, basic furniture, custom furniture, home accessories, rugs, curtains, lighting, and wall paint, and services.


Our procurement service helps you coordinate all of your orders for furniture in Hong Kong or outside of Hong Kong, so you can minimize hassle and get better terms. 



...and many more!

This list isn't exhaustive. We work with an ever-growing library of brands and services to help you find just the right decor for you. Ask use more about how we can work as your design guide and personal shopper for your home.

To collaborate with us on your home at HKD2,600/room, just WHATSAPP us or take our STYLE QUIZ!


What kind of decor do you source?

We source your decor from our library of well-known brands, smaller boutique brands, and wholesale sources for furniture in Hong Kong and worldwide. We work everyday to expand our mix of brands so that we can best fit your style and budget. While we can't guarantee we can find any and all designer furniture, we as a platform effectively acts as the largest furniture online store for you in Hong Kong!

We try out best to source in a way that meets your timeline. And in the cases where you have a tight move-in schedule, we will look for in-stock items with our brand partners to accomodate your needs. However, we also encourage you to buy what you love sooner rather than later, so that we can secure the lead-times!

Got more questions? Fill out our Style Quiz or reach out to talk with us about how we can help you create your dream home.

How much money will I have to spend on furniture and decor?

To know the cost of your project, it will largely depend on the quantity, style, and quality of the furnishing you'll need.

Your decorator will work with you to plan out how to make the most out of your space, and also give you a realistic minimum and maximum budget for your room, taking into account your feedback along the way. We aim to deliver the look that best works for your budget.

To give a general expectation, a living room can be designed from scratch with a HKD40,000 budget. But we have also done living rooms for as little as HKD15,000 or as much as HKD200,000+. In other words, we will help you balance what your budget is with the aspiration and quality you'd like for your new home!

Towards the end of the design phase when we are finalizing the design plan, we will develop a detailed shopping list with a breakdown of the items and their cost. At that point we can futher tweak the procurement plan based on your feedback. We will be your easy single point of contact, acting as your designer furniture online store, to find you the right items at the right price, whether they're designer furniture in Hong Kong, or something a little more budget.

How will my interior decorator know my style and pick decor I'll like?

Working with our decorators is like having a friend who happens to be a great home design pro. You start by filling out our Style Quiz and sending us basic information like pictures and floor plan. From there we will chat and listen as we figure out your needs, aspirations and lifestyle habits for your dream home.

We are a big believer in keeping an open and authentic line of communication, so that we can over time learn about you and reflect who you are from your home design. Therefore, whether you prefer emails, an ongoing WhatsApp dialogue, or to set up video calls, we encourage you to at any time send us any questions, ideas, references of furniture you like, Pinterest finds, or thoughts on your vision (however vague!). The more that we hear from you, the more data points we have to form a full picture of how we can create a perfect home JUST for you!

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