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about the space

Before Pictures

Wan Chai was the perfect neighborhood not just because it was close to his office, but also because of the east-meets-west charm that he found in the shops and people. He loves the eclectic mix of hippy cafes and bars, the Chinese heritage sites, local eateries and old buildings next to gleaming high-rises. It was fun and refreshing to hear his energy of excitement and for the neighborhood’s charms - something us locals sometimes take for granted. We also loved hanging out with Ryan as we decorated his place. He’s a serious business guy but has a fun and adventurous side...with a hint of goofy! (Sorry Ryan :P)  

One of the chief struggles for Ryan was transitioning to the smaller apartment sizes in HK. For example, he was struggling to fit in his hobbies - video games and golf equipment - at his new apartment. Luckily, being interior decorators in Hong Kong, we are well-versed in working in small apartments!

"Work brings me to Hong Kong. I would like the style to be modern and more spacious!"

Originally from the US, Ryan has lived in many has called many cities home - Hong Kong being his latest. Ryan is a practical guy by nature and emphasizes less is more. It’s also a way to keep things light to make it easier to move to his next city.

our take

What was nice about Ryan’s place, a 2-room apartment, was it’s very high ceiling - making it feel much more spacious than it is. A local young family had lived here before Ryan, so there were some accessories and fixtures, such as the curtains on the feminine side and the ceiling lights. But overall the flat was in generally good condition. Our approach was to maximise the good parts while using the minimal amount of furniture and accessories to create the neat, modern bachelor's pad that Ryan can feel at home.  

Ryan mentioned he will invite his friends to come over for movie nights. He is also normally here by himself and needed a workspace. So instead of turning the secondary room into a guest room, we made it into a multi-function room - his closet and his study room, allowing him to store his golf equipment and a working station.  


We used a TV cabinet with shelves and storage for Ryan to place his video games ports and the accessories and keep the clutter out of sight and in good order. 

the finished look

Living room

get the look

Living room_sofa_homeless.jpg

Homeless Sofabed

Living room_sidetable_ff.jpg

Francfranc Sidetable

Screenshot 2019-11-03 at 12.19.26 AM.png

Ziinlife Tea Table

Living room_rug_ff.jpg

Francfranc Rug

hmgoepprod (1).jpg

Francfranc Pillow

Stylist's Note 

We probably loved the living room the most. Ryan bought a large Star Wars art piece to fill his living room wall. To match, we chose a blue rug with a glossy piles of short fur that didn’t require a lot of maintenance and a grey toned sofa bed tone down so the whole area didn’t look too crowded. 

We picked the casegoods that are made of walnut wood and or black stained wood, which harmonized with the flooring while adding a stronger and sharper look to the space. The coffee table was one of our favourite picks. Besides the sleek design, we also loved how functional it was. The little edges on both sides help clear up any snack crumbs after a movie night or party. We chose a very practical TV cabinet with simple cuts. We added a feeling of mid-century modern with the matt-finish of the cabinet. It was subtle but offered a matching chic and cool vibe to the space. 



DA00102-W_furniture store_2_1000x1000-70

Emoh TV cabinet

Editors' pick - Astronaut

Adding these little astronauts on top matches the wall art Ryan got continues the overall galaxy/space them without turning the whole living room into a Star-wars tribute! 


Curtains were re-installed with a more neutral tone. They had two layers which allowed the sunlight through for some warmth during the day, and option for total black out shades for the movies and evenings. Ryan and our team agreed to leave the window sill empty as party seats when needed.


The making of...

"Home is a place to recharge."

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