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One-Stop Home Styling Service

Decorate expertly with a home stylist

Our process

Collaborate 1:1 With A Home Stylist

Work with a home stylist who collaborates closely with you to decorate a home that feels the most "you".

Without The Major Renovations

We help you create your dream home by working with furniture, accessories, rugs, lighting, wall color, curtains, and plants/florals.

Quality Recommendations

We work with 100+ quality brands and sellers so we are able to find the products and services that work perfectly for you.

HKD 5,600 Per Room, we will be here along the way

Your home stylist guides you to create a home that feels perfect just for you. 

Our process


Collaborate with an online interior decorator to re-imagine and furnish your home in your style and budget. This is interior design made easy.


Chat with an interior decorator for a free "mood-board email" with your personalized mood-board and initial decoration ideas. 

(2-3 days)


If we're aligned, then we start collaborating on an interior decoration plan with a detailed shopping list.

(7-10 days)


Once you're happy with our recommendations, we help you procure from 60+ furnishing and interior design brands.


We'll help you keep track of everything. Just relax and enjoy your new home!


Our interior styling service is a guided process to decorate your home in a way that feels "perfectly you". Your personal home stylist will collaborate with you based on a design plan from conceptualization to procurement.


This collaborative process will typically take 2-3 weeks (excluding ordering lead times).

overall fp.png

A virtual session to understand your project's goals and provide overall tips and insights to navigate the design process. (20 minutes)


Complimentary Chat

  • How is your service different from traditional interior design services?
    Traditional interior designers in Hong Kong typically work on larger "design-and-build" interior design HK projects that would include renovation and lots of built-in furnishings. This is where interior designers make almost all of their margins. As such, the traditional interior designer would typically not take up furnishing projects, or interior decoration in Hong Kong. In contrast, unlike the traditional interior designers in Hong Kong, our service is specifically set up to help our customers conceptualize their homes in their interior design styles while curating the right interior decoration for them. In effect, we help you achieve your interior design HK dreams without pushing prohibitively expensive fees and works that the traditional interior designer would.
  • How long does the process take?
    Our design process takes about 1-2 weeks from the start of our conversation to ordering. And we continue to work with you on the smaller finishing touches - all the way until you’re happy with your home.
  • Will I be able to see the recommended furniture in person?
    Yes, absolutely. We encourage you to go see the products in our proposed shopping list.
  • What does the $5,600/room fee include?
    Our transparent and flat fee includes your dedicated home stylist working with you one-on-one to decorate your home from start to until finish. Your home stylist in Hong Kong will help you develop and refine your concept, create design boards, a detailed shopping list, ordering coordination, and any finishing touches after. You will have full access to your Home Stylist via WhatsApp, email or phone - all the way until you're happy with your new home. See our pricing page for more info:
  • Why is your design fee so cheap?
    How do we make any money, you ask? Since we help decorate many homes, we’ve been able to develop relationships with many vendors and get a small margin when we recommend from most of the brands we work with. What that means is we can keep our design fees low, give transparent and unbiased recommendations to customers, earn some margin, and help brands reduce their sales/marketing cost. It’s a win-win-win scenario for everyone!
  • Do you mark up the price of products?
    Nope. We work transparently and do not mark up above retail price. What you see in stores is what you pay for.
  • What brands do you source from?
    We work with more than 60+ renowned international brands, boutiques and other suppliers at various price points locally and internationally. If we are unable to find anything, we will go wherever necessary to find what's right for you as a next step.
  • What kind of budget levels do you work with?
    We work with all kinds of budgets ranging from just above the “IKEA level” to higher-end designer items. We also like to mix and match to help you get the most out of your existing budget.
  • What styles do you work in?
    Our team of home stylists HK work within different styles to achieve what our customers want. We would say that we are strongest at minimalist and modern styles, with an infusion of natural and organic tones and textures.
  • What if I don’t like the proposed designs?
    The design process is collaborative and we incorporate your feedback along the way. Plus, we work with you until you’re happy.
  • Do you do home-visits and in-person meetings?
    Yes, we are a “smart” service that utilizes WhatsApp, calls and in-person visits to communicate. We also do site-visits and styling on site as part of our home styling Hong Kong service.
  • What is your quality standard in terms of furniture recommendations?
    We are against the concept of "fast furniture" and firmly believe that investing in quality and healthy furnishings at reasonable prices will effectively save your money and health in the long run. We have a simple QC standard: “would we recommend this to our own mothers?”.
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