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#98 Project

Gentleman's pad


project intro

When we met Chris and Henning, Principals of Vivid Invest, a Hong Kong-based boutique real estate investment firm, we were impressed by their genuine dedication to investing in and creating homes where “sustainability and well-being are integrated with every space”. For this Sheung Wan apartment, we wanted to emphasize the cool rustic elements while keeping the overall feeling of calm. 

“Based on our experience, in addition to increasing wellbeing for our buyers/renters, thoughtfully decorating the space increases its property value by 20-30%. So it made sense to go further and engage an interior styling service like The Editors Company. From their work, we already saw a clear uptick of inquiries for our properties."

- Christoph Bannerman, Management Partner of Vivid Invest


Christoph and Henning run Vivid Invest, a boutique real estate developer and private equity fund. They follow a research-driven due diligence investment process to discover and unlock the full potential of undervalued real estate assets. They invest in emerging neighborhoods and apply a value-add strategy. The approach combines an innovative contemporary design, sustainability and the occupants’ well-being as the integral components of every living space.

Place: A bright and airy one-bedroom apartment. Cool bachelor's pad vibe.

Style: Minimal cool with a touch of rustic.

Objective: Maximize property value and tenant well-being.


The apartment was very basically furnished, but with mismatching furniture that made the space feel quite bare and uncoordinated.


There was only a single top-down functional light source in the living/dining space. The hallway, while providing a lot of storage space, had too much blank white space that made it uninviting. 


entering the space

Entrance, hallway, study

Stylist's Note 

We used wall art to break up the space throughout the entrance/hallway, which helped to guide the eyes towards the desk area and into the living/dining area. We added more light sources to the space by adding floor lamps and table lamps to create separate moments in the space. We also turned the desk area into a definitive focal point.


living AREA

Stylist's Note 

We focused the houseplants next to the sofa to loosen up the edges and hide the pillar in the room. Of course, they also worked wonders to calm the mind and to purify the air in the apartment. The existing coffee table that the owner had did not match with the rest of the furniture, so we decided to replace the coffee table with one that matched the overall minimal and rustic theme. With the existing brick wall, TV console, and sofa that the owner had, we decided to keep them but added an abstract patterned area rug underneath to elevate the whole space. Finally, we added some accent cushions and throws to balance out the colour of the room. 


DINING and details

accessories  and finishing touches

Stylist's Note 
It was all about the details for this area. Besides helping with big items, we also sourced smaller items for the apartment - even down to dining ware and cutleries. We decided to go with dining ware that had a stone texture that echoed our rustic theme, paired with an organic cotton tablecloth, metal napkin rings, tinted vases and black candle holder that tied the whole table setting together.


Stylist's Note 
Since the wall behind the bed was quite bare, we added 2 unassuming but calming artworks with detailed texture, accent cushions, and a throw which tied the whole story together for this cozy bedroom. 

The making of...


Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create an amazing home for HKD5,600/room.

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