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#97 Project

Nest on gage


project intro

When we met Chris and Henning, Principals of Vivid Invest, a Hong Kong-based boutique real estate investment firm, we were impressed by their genuine dedication to investing in and creating homes where “sustainability and well-being are integrated with every space”. We were called in to decorate the space so that it would feel like a lived-in sanctuary in the midst of this busy area on Gage Street.

“Based on our experience, in addition to increasing wellbeing for our buyers/renters, thoughtfully decorating the space increases its property value by 20-30%. So it made sense to go further and engage an interior styling service like The Editors Company. From their work, we already saw a clear uptick of inquiries for our properties."

- Christoph Bannerman, Management Partner of Vivid Invest


Christoph and Henning run Vivid Invest, a boutique real estate developer and private equity fund. They follow a research-driven due diligence investment process to discover and unlock the full potential of undervalued real estate assets. They invest in emerging neighborhoods and apply a value-add strategy. The approach combines an innovative contemporary design, sustainability, and the occupants’ well-being as the integral components of every living space.

Place: One-Bedroom open plan apartment

Style: Scandinavian and Bohemian

Objective: Maximize property value and tenant well-being.


The apartment already had the basic furniture in it. But that was just it - the space did not have focal points and upon entering the space, we didn’t feel like one could intuitively make out the different sections of the home. 


Part of the issue was also that there were a few areas with color mismatches, such as a light wood color flooring with a dark wood TV ledge, which served to confuse the eye about where the living room ended. 


The hallway was also not helpful to the feeling of being welcomed, as it was a long corridor with a row of cabinets and mirrors on the left, and a bare white wall on the right.


entering the space

corridor entrance

Stylist's Note 

We broke the long corridor entrance down by adding wall art that represented life in Hong Kong, and further with some nice wall hooks from Normann Copenhagen that serves a functional purpose. We also changed out the white cabinet top with a customized oakwood top to create more depth and continuity in the space. 

living room

Stylist's Note 

For the living room, we changed out the TV ledge into the same customized oakwood top as the entrances. That way, when you walk into the living room from the entrance hallway, your eyes can easily follow through and notice the coherence throughout the two connecting spaces. With the neutral tone grey sofa that was already there, we added a Boho-style fuzzy area rug underneath it to create a sense of warmth and invitingness. We also added accent cushions and throws to add balance to the colors of the room.



accessories  and finishing touches

Stylist's Note 

We loved Vivid Invest’s mission of putting the resident first, therefore we spared no effort in collaborating with Vivid Invest to make sure all details of the space were considered. We helped source everything from small furniture to minute details - even down to dining ware and cutleries.   We decided to go with dining ware that has grained texture with echos with our Bohemian style theme, with organic cotton table cloth, rattan napkin rings, and rattan trays that tie the whole table setting together.


Stylist's Note 

At first, the outdoor area looks scattered with an outdoor table and a BBQ grill.  We wanted to create a morning coffee moment or an evening reading and drink out on the balcony.  Hence we added 2 outdoor lounge chairs and a marble coffee table so that people would enjoy spending more time on the balcony comfortably.  

The making of...

We were so happy to be able to collaborate with Vivid Invest to make their vision of the space come true. More than just a decoration project, it gave us great satisfaction knowing that we helped the new resident of this home live better every day. 

Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create an amazing home for HKD5,600/room.

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