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Create your dream home, without the hassle.


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"I enjoyed working with them and they were able to bring life to an area of my home that I wasn't giving the attention it deserved. I say over and over again how happy I am that I was able to work with them and I really like the choices that they suggested. The area I worked with them on is now a favorite spot in our home to relax and enjoy time with family and friends." - Maura Thompson, Co-Founder of Sassy Media Group

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"Just want to say a huge thank you to these 2 wonderful ladies for giving my home a complete facelift. It was such an awesome experience working with them to redecorate my place. They opened my eyes to new ideas and designs that I would never have thought of or picked on my own and it’s so much fun! I have asked for a warm and cozy ambience with zero clutters whatsoever and it’s exactly what I got and more! Thank you again for the amazing work and saving me from doing it on my own. It would have taken me 100 times longer and tons more headaches!" - Adele in an IG review

"The service turned out much more interactive than I thought - I was talking to Maggie (home stylist) all the time on WhatsApp. I actually didn't know what my style was, and she helped me figure it out based on what I was rejecting or liking. It was actually...very fun!" - Vanessa

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"I was always trying to, like, find my style. And I was always like...I like so many different things! I think Fion made things clean and neat and simple, but is cozy and feels like our space and our home. It's also decluttered but has got the personal touches as well.


I like it whenever I go into the dining room, it's beautiful and so calming. Having that dedicated space really leads itself to some good Saturday night conversations for sure."  - Kristi & Ediwin

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Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create your dream home for HKD5,600/room.

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