Create an amazing home with us.

Kristi & Edwin's Enclave
"In this space we're much more present, focused on just...being here."
Vivienne & Eric's New Chapter
"Getting the home properly decorated before welcoming a new baby into our lives."
Nest on Gage
"A Bohemian style open plan apartment on Gage Street"
Vanessa's "Grown-up" Apartment
"This new home was an important part of a new chapter in their lives."
Gentleman's Pad
"Emphasizing the cool rustic elements while keeping the overall feeling of calm."
Maura's Balcony
"Now a favourite spot in our home to relax and enjoy time with family and friends."
Ryan's Galaxy
"Be in your own galaxy."
Sarah's Scandi Nest
"For those cozy Sunday nights snuggled up with a good book."
Crystel's Nordic Home
"Blending Crystel's bubbly personality with nordic minimalist styles."
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Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create an amazing home for HKD2,100/room.


We work with you all the way until you're happy with your new home.

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