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#68 Project

Vanessa's "grown-up" apartment


"I actually didn't know what my style was. Maggie helped me figure it out based on what I was liking or rejecting. So it was actually very fun!"


Vanessa is an incredibly upbeat and down-to-earth person. We worked with her in such a collaborative way that we felt like she was part of our team!

Place: 950 sq ft. 3-Bedroom Apartment

Style: Natural Nordic

Objective: To make it a place for relaxed company and purposeful introspection.

project intro

Vanessa is a returnee from the US and has been living in Hong Kong ever since her twenties.  After years of living in her 500-sqft apartment in Happy Valley, she decided that it was finally time to upgrade to a "grown-up" apartment. Vanessa and her partner then moved into this larger apartment from their own respective smaller flats. Moving to this new apartment meant more than just a new living space - it was also an important part of a new chapter in their lives. They wanted this place to bring renewed energy, inspiration, and lots of laughter.

The Flat

This was an overall really great space to work with. The layout was easy in that it was basically a blank canvas for us to work on. 

It was a blessing and a curse that the main living and dining area was a large rectangular space. It had more than enough room for a good-sized living and dining room. At the same time, we needed to make sure we create a transition between the two rooms that is natural without imposing a big awkward gap. 


living room

Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 11.09.43
Stylist's Note 

We loved how this living room turned out. We wanted the living room to be an irresistible place to fall into, so we made sure it was a place that naturally drew the eye as one walked in (of course, the amazing view helped). We picked a simple and fuzzy geometric area rug to add subtle visual interest and warmth to the space. It also served to section the area nicely. The two lounge chairs made this a gathering space as well as a quiet reading nook, while the round coffee tables set added a nice contrast to the very rectangular space. Finally, we used a concrete pot and faux flowers to bring "nature" and softness to the flat. 


the main draw


a place to entertain

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-04 at
Stylist's Note 
The long wooden dining table served as the focal point of the space. The natural wood grains on the table surface looked great, so we actually styled it as simply as possible with a black round tray and a diamond-shaped vase. 
Vanessa had a good collection of good wine and whiskey she liked to share with friends, so we made sure they were displayed well and readily accessible. On top of her existing cabinet, we added a small whiskey and wine corner with some wine racks and tray - an economical and casual way to have her own "bar". 


entirely for rest

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-24 at
Stylist's Note 

The blue feature wall was, hands down, one of our favorite parts of this apartment. It gave the room a calming vibe with a playful twist. For the furniture, we went with a dark walnut bed-frame to match the energy of the room. We also found a great pair of bedside tables that were customized by a local artisan in Hong Kong.

For finishing touches, we added a couple of concrete table lamps to add raw texture to the room, a rug at the end of the bed for a sense of warmth, and installed basic blinds to emphasize the simplicity of the room. 


The making of...

It was so much fun working with Vanessa. Vanessa was very collaborative, which made it much easier for us to design a place that worked just for her.  
We loved the feeling of seeing how happy she was with her new home, knowing that we played a part in creating it. 

Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create an amazing home for HKD5,600/room.

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