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#19 Project 












2 bedroom ensuite      


Solo Life

Nordic Chic



about the space

A quintessential urban dwelling, this apartment is located in the Soho area overlooking PMQ with a view that stretches into Kowloon. The space enjoyed ample sunlight with a window that spanned the entire width of the living and dining room. We also liked that the bedroom had a cute little balcony that opened at the foot of the bed. 


However, the place had one major drawback - the living/dining space was in a narrow rectangular shape and didn’t allow much room for sectioning. Also, by the time we were brought in, Crystel confessed she had already ordered a yellow L-shaped sofa that was a little too big for the living space. 


In terms of vision, Crystel wanted a minimalistic look for her home but also wanted her bubbly energy to be reflected - especially when she hosted parties for her friends.

"I want a minimalistic place but also want my place to reflect my bubbly personality. How do I incorporate both?

Crystel is a CMO at a tech company who hails originally from Japan. She has been in Hong Kong for quite a few years now and the city has become her second home. 

That's why this time around moving to her new apartment, she wanted to make sure to decorate it in a way that reflects her personality and provides a base where she can recharge. 

the finished look

dining area

Editors' Pick

Art Piece


Ziinlife Fade Cabinet


Zara Home

Glass Dome for dining Table


Editors' Pick

Circle Glass Vase


Calligaris Duca Ceramic Dining Table



Visu Chair


get the look


Ziinlife Cabinet

visu chair.PNG

Muuto Chair


Calligaris Dining Table

Stylist's Note 

Crystel has a great collection of wines and liquids with wines glasses to match. We wanted to display them without adding clutter. Therefore we chose a cabinet that could give a teasing view of her collection without sacrificing the clean look of the space.  


To deploy the pops of energy in line with Crystel’s vision, we chose darker colors for the base furniture, then contrasting it with colorful accessories. The paintings were made up of lines and geometric patterns that matched the overall style of the home, while their pink and dark blue elements injected an energetic touch to the space. 


Finally, we chose an extendable, durable dining table to maximize the use of her compact dining room.

living area







Bought by Sei

L-shape Sofa


Chest of Drawer


Indigo Living

Taranto Floor Lamp



Functional Coffee Table


get the look

bo table.jpg

BoConcept Coffee Table

muji chest of drawers.jpg

Muji Chest of Drawers

gubi lamp_edited.jpg

Gubi Pendant





Indigo Living Lamp

Stylist's Note 

Because Crystel had already bought the large yellow sofa, a lot of our work went into selecting pieces to work with and around it. Notably, we chose a more neutral and size appropriate coffee table with a flip-up tabletop for work or meals during her (self-proclaimed) Netflix marathon habits. 


We chose the ceiling and floor lamps in round shapes to match, and the pendants were adjustable to provide her with uplights and downlights for different moods and occasions. We also threw in small accents of blue to gave it balance with the other side of the room. 


Finally, there was an awkward nook by the door, so we made use of it by putting in a chest of drawers with a small mirror and tray on top. This “filled the hole” and practically help keep things organized.

guest bedroom


Shoe Cabinet with mirror


OVO Home

Sofa Bed


Editors' Pick

Glass Vase



Shoe Cabinet


get the look


OVO Home Sofabed

ziinlife shoe cabinet.PNG

Ziinlife Shoe Cabinet

Stylist's note
For the guest bedroom, simplicity and functionality were key. And we made sure to keep the style consistent with the rest of the home. We opted for a simple, no-frills sofa-bed. On the other side of the room, we focused on maximizing storage space for Crystel's shoes in a way that was both elegant accessible. Lastly, we chose a cabinet with mirrors fitted frontside so Crystel can do a last “check” on her outfit before she headed out!

Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create an amazing home for HKD5,600/room.

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