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#151 Project

André's home away from home


Hailing from France, André had just been posted to Hong Kong. When we started working with André, he was still COVID quarantined in a serviced apartment. So we were working purely off his floor plan and site pictures. And might we add... this was his first time ever in Hong Kong. What an adventurous soul!

Place: A 3-bedroom flat in Mid-levels, Hong Kong, with a beautiful view of the city from the living room and all the bedrooms.

Style: Eclectic yet comfortable, bold yet inviting.

Location: 80 Robinson Road, Mid-levels, Hong Kong


André brought us in to style his new home in Mid-levels, Hong Kong. While a somewhat challenging layout, we were able to create an elegant and cozy abode for André's first home in Hong Kong, while still keeping and displaying a lot of his personal accessories and sentimental pieces.



The apartment was pretty nice and bright to begin with, however the layout was not the most straightforward.  The living room wasn't rectangular and the dining room seemed like an afterthought. So we were hoping to create a good circulation that flows well from the living to the dining space. 

the living space

elegant and personalized

A style that blended an elegant and modern vibe while incorporating a few of his decor accessories and art.  Here we created a bright and inviting living room with a touch of modern rustic and ethnic feel. 


For friends from near and Afar

In our design process, we also incorporated small antique pieces and artworks from his family that brings sentimental value to André throughout the space. With the walnut wood dining set that we picked, matching the dark wood cabinet and gold framed antique mirror and artwork, we hope to make his time in Hong Kong feels more like home.


"Good morning hong kong"

With such a beautiful window and view, the room would be wasted if it didn't have a solid foundational feel to it.
To tie the Master Bedroom into the overall theme of the home, we made use of a gorgeous antique rug that André had from his family back home.  To keep the rest of the items fine and subtle, we selected a plain dark grey headboard with a walnut detail walnut finish to match with the bedside table with brass handle details. That way, the rug could be enhanced as a highlight of the room.  In addition, we also added an interesting table lamp on each side of the bed to create a cozy and warm ambiance during the night time. 

Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create an amazing home for HKD5,600/room.

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