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#550 Project

Elaine's Home

Place: Two-Bedroom Apartment

Style: Minimal, Understated, Practical

Objective: An introspective space for creativity and for entertaining close friends.

Location: Kennedy Town

Project Intro

Elaine made the big step of purchasing her forever home in Kennedy Town. Whilst undergoing renovations, she caught wind of our interior styling giveaway and won a free consultation package for her new space.

Over several weeks, we collaborated closely to integrate her existing furniture seamlessly with a few fresh decor additions. The goal was to create a space that balanced her needs for comfort and functionality, providing relaxation and a welcoming environment for friends to stop by. By blending her personal style with thoughtful design elements, we made sure Elaine's space ticked all the boxes of a versatile and inviting home.

Elaine_The Editors Company_1.png

Elaine recently purchased her forever home and won our free home styling giveaway. She wants her space to be a personal sanctuary where she can unwind and relax. While being versatile enough to host the occasional board game nights with friends.

Elaine_The Editors Company_4.png
Elaine_The Editors Company_8.png
Elaine_The Editors Company_5.png

living & Dining ROOM

A place to relax and be

Stylist's Not
Much of Elaine's home features her cherished existing homeware, which meant helping her transition furniture from her older, slightly larger space to a new configuration. We added tasteful new elements like curtains, carpets, and lighting to elevate the space and create a cohesive feel. The result is a harmonious blend of old and new that caters to her day-to-day needs.
Elaine_The Editors Company_2.png
Elaine_The Editors Company_10.png
Elaine_The Editors Company_3.png
Elaine_The Editors Company_7.png

Bay Window Art Studio

For Creativite moments and a good book

Elaine_The Editors Company_12.png
Elaine_The Editors Company_11.png
Stylist's Note 
Elaine has always cherished a bay window with a city view, perfect for kicking back with a good book. This interior feature was a favourite from her previous rental, making it a must-have in her new home. 

As an avid painter, we knew we had to combine her beloved window spot with her passion for art. Creating a cosy artist's nook where she can be both comfortable and creative, blending her favourite pastimes in one serene spot.

Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create an amazing home for HKD5,600/room.

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