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#100 Project

Kristi & Edwin's Mindful Enclave

project intro

In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, Kristi & Edwin set out to create a nicer home as they were now spending so much more time working and living inside. More than just a good-looking space, they wanted to create a home where it would feel calm, happy, and purposeful for the various activities they loved to do. They reached out to us for help on that. 

"We planned it ahead of time, our home feels much more purposeful, with dedicated spaces for the different things we love to do" -Edwin

Kristi & Edwin are international school teachers who are in their 4th year of living in Hong Kong.


They're the nicest, most present couple you'll ever meet. They enjoy hosting small dinner parties, listening to jazz, and quiet Saturday evening stay-in dates.  

Place: 900 sq.ft apartment in Taikoo Shing

Style: Clean, pops of colour with a flavor of oriental

Objective: Make it a more mindful, purposeful home in the midst of the pandemic.

Location: Taikoo Shing




The apartment felt cold and dull when you walked in because of the white reflective floor, bad lighting, and white walls.


On top of that, the layout was not the most straightforward. While there was good separation between the living and dining space with the open kitchen, the living room also dwarfed the dining room in size. 

We wanted to make it so that it felt like the living and dining rooms would feel like they have equal weight, and each dedicated to a different mood to foster different activities. 

living space

A place to relax and be

Stylist's Note 

For the two spaces to work well together, a clear division of zoning was important as it makes each space more distinct and purposeful.  In order to do that, as well as to add warmth to the space, we carefully picked 2 Moroccan-style area rugs to break the space into 2 zones and draw attention to the rooms and create a sense of space. With the existing blue sofa that they have from their old apartment, we decided to work around it and play with color in the living room to bring it to life. Adding some contrasting colors through small accessories and floral arrangements.  Nesting coffee table allows them to have quick meals and gather friends around. 

"It's like...we hang out here, have our wine and conversation, and then we move over to the dining space. The natural transition definitely builds the mood for better conversations...with each other and with the friends we host for dinners."  - Kristi


For friends and good conversations

Stylist's Note 

Kristi loves to host dinner parties and cook, therefore a space that worked with their open kitchen was very important to her.  We wanted to enhance the dinners she'd have with a great ambiance. We picked a nice dimmable frosted glass pendant as a feature piece for the dining room where the lighting can be adjusted depending on mood.  A sideboard behind the dining table stored Kristi's cooking utensils while ensuring easy access. It also created a nice surface for casual display of artwork, plants, fruits and other knick-knacks.
"Usually we try to stay in, so at night this space feels quite different with the dim lights and a really cozy feeling. In this space we're much more present, focused on just being here."  - Edwin

The making of...

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 12.17.20

Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create an amazing home for HKD5,600/room.

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