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#390 Project

Bryan & Cindy's Home


Place: 900 sq.ft apartment in Shau Kei Wan area

Style: Natural, Modern, Cozy, Industrial Touch

Objective: Create a home for our next chapter in life.

Location: Shau Kei Wan

Project Intro

Meet Bryan and Cindy, a newly married couple embarking on an exciting journey of upsizing their apartment. Eager to create a home that reflects their individual styles and accommodates their future plans, they called on us to help them with our interior styling service. With their busy schedules, they entrusted us not only to pull their dream home together but also to act as a mediator between their differing tastes – a role we gladly embraced!


Bryan & Cindy are a newly married couple who just moved to a bigger place to accomodate their needs. 

They're really fun people. And while they have different personalities, they really make a great team!

living space

A place to relax and be

Stylist's Not

Bryan and Cindy envisioned a living room with a natural and clean aesthetic, exuding a serene ambiance. To achieve this, we opted for a textured wall paint that adds depth and intrigue to the space. The chosen paint beautifully captures and reflects incoming light, casting a calming effect throughout the room.

Considering their desire for a super fluffy couch, we meticulously planned the layout to ensure it harmonizes with the other elements. The result is a seating arrangement that maximizes both comfort and functionality.

In our quest to infuse visual interest while maintaining the desired tranquil atmosphere, we carefully selected an area rug with subtle patterns. This choice adds a touch of sophistication without overwhelming the space. Additionally, we took into account their feline companions and chose plants that are safe for the cats, creating a safe and enjoyable environment for all.



For friends and good conversations

Stylist's Note 

The dining room was envisioned as a multifunctional space, designed to facilitate everyday activities such as eating, working, and living. Bryan and Cindy desired a lively atmosphere with pops of color, injecting a sense of fun and vibrancy into their home.

To achieve this, we incorporated playful elements and incorporated funny and ironic artwork that showcases their unique personalities. These personalized touches not only serve as conversation starters but also add character to the space.

To soften the overall ambiance, we introduced elements of rattan, embracing its organic texture and warm tones. This choice brings a touch of natural beauty while creating a visual balance within the room.

Since the dining area shares proximity with a shoe cabinet and bench space, we paid careful attention to ensure these functional elements seamlessly integrate with the overall design. The result is a shoe cabinet and bench that exude elegance and practicality, without overshadowing the dining area.

People, cats and plants...


Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create an amazing home for HKD5,600/room.

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