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#553 Project

Carina & Jackie

Place: Three-bedroom apartment

Style: Serene, Art-Filled, Nordic Accents, Transitional

Objective: A space for work and relaxation

Location: Kai Tak


Carina and Jackie recently moved into a spacious three-bedroom apartment together. They wanted to design a cosy yet functional home that allows them to connect with one another while also offering personal spaces to work.

Carina Jackie Home_1.png
Carina Jackie Home_2.png


Carina and Jackie had three spacious rooms to play with. Aiming to enhance their every day, we got to work in assisting the transformation of their new home into a serene yet playful sanctuary for two. Using Nordic accents and a transitional design, we infused the space with natural, calming elements. Personality was never put on the back shelf, with collectables and beloved art pieces getting centre stage on the mantlepiece.



A place to kick back

The living room is all about laid-back comfort and style. A mix of soft textures, from the carpet to the couch, makes it super cosy. The small side table means no coffee table keeps you away from the treetops just outside the balcony. Everything in the living room is designed to be easy and inviting, making it the perfect spot for relaxing together or binge-watching Netflix.



For intimate dinners

Stylist's Note For the dining room, we opted for a warm wooden table with comfy grey chairs, offset by colourful artwork, to create a playful pop of colour. A mini coffee bar sits on the side for Carina and Jackie´s morning brews, and a minimal pendant lamp makes dinner time feel extra cosy.
Carina Jackie Home_18.png
Carina Jackie Home_19.png
Carina Jackie Home_20.png
Office Space
To get down to business
Carina Jackie Home_16.png
Carina Jackie Home_17.png
Carina Jackie Home_15.png

We designed Carina and Jackie's home office to be both stylish and functional. It features side-by-side workspaces that can convert to standing desks, with matching chairs for the couple.

A wooden sideboard keeps documents organized and maintains the warm, inviting theme of their living room. Playful art and quirky knick-knacks add a touch of personality, while warm ambient lighting replaces the harsh, clinical lighting often found in offices. This shared office space feels modern, practical, and pristine.

Artful Details...

Carina Jackie Home_7.png
Carina Jackie Home_3.png
Carina Jackie Home_12.png
Carina Jackie Home_11.png
Carina Jackie Home_13.png
Carina Jackie Home_10.png

Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create an amazing home for HKD5,600/room.

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