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#344 Project


Editors-Co-Dragon-Peak-Interiors-001 (1)Stephanie.jpg

Style: Scandinavian, earthy tones with natural and warm aesthetics

Objective: The new young family can enjoy each others company and every day moments.

Location: Tin Hau


Stephanie approached us to create her first family home with her husband and son where they can all come home and relax to.


We had a blast collaborating 1 on 1 with Stephanie to create her warm, cozy home where they can enjoy every day moments as a new young family. ⁠This project was extra special because we helped decorate the whole apartment including the study, bedroom and kids room.⁠


Using timeless, natural, calm elements to tie all the rooms together was key to create that seamless flow throughout the space to really make it feel like home.⁠ Not to mention the existing wooden beam on the ceiling and light wood floors really pulled everything effortlessly together.

Editors-Co-Dragon-Peak-Interiors-042 (1).jpg
Editors-Co-Dragon-Peak-Interiors-065 Stephanie (1).jpg


for cozy company

For the living area Stephanie wanted a calm, airy space where her family can enjoy each others company together. We added cozy throws and soft velvet cushions in earthy tones of grey, beige and green to their grey sofa they already had.


We added an extra rattan lounge chair for additional seating and a plush cream rug to complete the area. On each side of the sofa we chose a contemporary floor lamp and a chic marble block side table and placed a gorgeous vase decorated with dried wild flowers in them. A huge statement piece of artwork on one of the walls was tied together and styled with a curved low wooden cabinet, leafy plants and a modern mesh lamp.



FOR entertaining in style

Stylist's Note 
Moving on to the dining room, Stephanie can now entertain in style in her Scandinavian-inspired dining room wiith natural wood elements all around. To match the warm aesthetic we went for these creative ball pendant lights to create intimacy during meal times or playing fun family board games. Beside the dining table we decorated the side cabinet with Stephanies personal touches and added a wall mirror above it.
Editors-Co-Dragon-Peak-Interiors-014 (1).jpg
THE BedroomS

The master bedroom also oozed scandinavian appeal with the oak bed frame and matching bedside tables. On each side we also fitted in these elegant glass wall lamps with gold detailing for night time reads. It was especially fun decorating Stephanies sons room with his adorable bedroom design, we simply styled it with cute shaped cushions and new bedding that he’ll love playing for hours in until he eventually falls asleep.

Editors-Co-Dragon-Peak-Interiors-124 (1).jpg

Creating spaces for families like Stephanies where they can spend quality time together and be in each others cozy company has a special place in our hearts. Gaining the trust from all our clients to create beautiful homes like these, makes it that much more meaningful to us.

The making of...

Editors-Co-Dragon-Peak-Interiors-087 Stephanie.jpg

Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create an amazing home for HKD5,600/room.

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