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6 Sofas in Hong Kong That Are Perfectly in Style

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

The sofa you choose can make or break your home or apartment in Hong Kong. You want to ensure it is both stylish and comfortable for everyone. The sofa should also offer function rather than become an unused piece in your home.

It is not difficult to find a good sofa in Hong Kong because you can choose from a variety of styles, brands and stores. You may want a sofa that adds a focal point to your space, or maybe you want a sofa that can be converted into a sleeping arrangement for guests. Of course, sofas should definitely also be a place everyone can unwind after a long day.

Are you looking to upgrade the sofa in your living room or relocating to a new place? You can start by checking out these six sofas in Hong Kong that at are in style.

Image from Pinterest 1. Shabby Curved Sofa

If you are looking for a stylish sofa in Hong Kong, look no further than the Shabby Curved Sofa from Timothy Oulton. It is made of hand-finished leather to create a sophisticated statement piece that is perfect for any living room.

Also known as the "sloucher" because of its maximum comfort, this sectional sofa features a layer of soft ribs to create a cozy, cushioned spot for relaxing and unwinding. The curved shape adds a uniqueness that breaks away from traditional sofas.

You can choose from several types of leather and fabrics for your sofa. The leathers include Antique Tabacco, Old Saddle Black and Buff Burnished Pewter, and the fabrics include Faded and Degraded Peat Smudge, Revival Velvet Black and Pennines Linen Natural.

The full sofa comes with four one-seater pieces to create enough room for multiple people to sit comfortably together.

2. Newport 3 Seater Sofa

Image from Tree A 3 seater sofa is ideal if you need a piece that sits several people without taking up a lot of space in your home. One product to consider is the Newport 3 Seater Sofa from Tree.

The sleek, straight lines and tapered legs create a sofa that is perfect for a mid-century modern living room. It is made of a woven polyester and acrylic mix and a sturdy wooden frame, and it features tufted seating and foam mixed fibre cushioning to make relaxing a breeze. When you have a seat on this sofa Hong Kong, you are sure to feel comfortable right away.

You can choose from two fabric shades to fit your home style, and those shades are grey mix and blue-grey mix.

When taking measurements for new furniture, keep in mind that the seat height of this sofa is 47 cm.

3. Plano L Shaped Sofa

Image from Manks

From the space-saving design to the multi-person seating, L shaped sofas are becoming popular in Hong Kong. If you have the space for it then the Plano L Shaped Sofa is no exception to the rising popularity, and you can find this sofa at Manks.

This L shaped sofa features straight lines that are fitting of Scandinavian designs. With soft upholstery and brushed stainless steel legs, you are looking at a comfortable, sturdy piece for your home. Imagine sinking into your plush sofa after a long day.

The sofa features two sections to create an L-shaped design, which is ideal but not limited to corners. In addition, the sofa includes a removable cover for easy maintenance.

Finally, this L Shaped Plano sofa comes in a light grey shade to fit most interior decor.

4. Bank 80″ Sleeper Sofa

Image from Archetypal If you are looking for a sofa in Hong Kong that works for overnight guests, the Banks 80" Sleeper Sofa from Archetypal is a great option.

This sleeper sofa features a deep seat and lower profile to create a relaxing, lounge-inspired design.

During the day, the stylish sofa is a place to read, scroll through your phone and watch TV. It features soft, high-resiliency foam cushions on a strong kiln-dried hardwood frame.

When hosting overnight guests, the sofa converts into a bed with a queen-sized mattress, mildew-resistant fibre padding, a high-density foam top and a quilted damask top cover.

The sleeper sofa comes in several shades to fit your interior decor, which are Vern Grey, Sanford Linen, Lava and Rostenkowski Blue.

5. Canyon Recliner Sofa

Image from Indigo Living There is nothing like a recliner sofa to help you sit back and relax, and you are sure to enjoy the Canyon Recliner Sofa from Indigo Living.

Also known as the Indigo Recliner Range, you can get into a comfortable position for resting and napping using the electric recliner mechanism. It also features an electric headrest and USB ports.

This recliner sofa is made of cow leather with polyfoam filling, and it sits on a wooden frame for durability. You can choose from a 2 seater, 2.5-seater and large sofa Hong Kong to fit your space. Depending on the size, you can purchase a brown or charcoal sofa for your home.

6. Amsterdam Sofa With Footstool

Image from BoConcept Instagram

Modular sofas have become popular over the years, and the Amsterdam Sofa With Footstool from BoConcept is a great addition to many homes. When you invest in this sofa Hong Kong, you are investing in a piece that makes both relaxation and style a priority.

With a modular sofa, you can arrange the pieces to create a combination that works for your home. The sections include a lounge with an armrest, open-ended seat, foam back cushions and a footstool.

This modular sofa is made of blue velvet fabric, polyester composition, dark grey steel legs and a wooden frame. It has a sofa direction of right with a footstool on the left, allowing everyone to enjoy the comfort this piece has to offer.

There are several things to consider when shopping for a sofa in Hong Kong. While you may want a stylish piece with extra features, you also want to ensure it is comfortable for everyone.

Whether you are placing it in your living room or guest bedroom, your sofa should offer function and durability.

Of course, you also went to ensure your sofa is from a reliable brand and store.

When you are ready to shop for a new sofa, be sure to check out the above list of the six sofas that are in style in 2022.

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