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Collaborate with an online interior decorator to design and furnish your home from 60+ brands at HKD1650/room.

We've got you.




Tell us what you need. 


We develop an interior design plan

with 3D visualization.


We create a Detailed shopping list handpicked from 60+ brands.


We'll help you order everything.


See how we put together homes for the heart for our customers.  

Sarah's Scandi Nest
"For those cozy Sunday nights snuggled up with a good book."
Ryan's Galaxy
"Be in your own galaxy."
Crystel's Story
Blending her bubbly personality with nordic minimalist styles.
Maura's Balcony
...a space to enjoy a morning coffee, playtime with kids on the weekends, and grill space for parties.
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An easy step-by-step process that takes only 7-10 days 

from conceptualization to ordering.   We recommend more than  60+ brands to find what's right with you.

Better Designed Home

We design and furnish according to your unique personality and needs.  We work closely with your feedback along every step of the way. It is your home, after all.

Maximize Your Budget

We work with your budget while keeping our service affordable with a flat fee of  HKD1,650/room and no markups, saving you invaluable time and money in the process.



Working with us is like having a good friend who also happens to be really good at interior decoration in Hong Kong. For a flat-fee, work with us via WhatsApp, phone, and in-person - all the way until you're happy with your new home.


"The Editors Company team is all about communicating in a way that doesn’t come across as too formal, which makes it feel like you are messaging a friend and asking for their advice."

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Our Story

An accessible home design service. 

Interior design in Hong Kong is often thought of as an exclusive service reserved for those with big budgets and who will totally renovate their homes. However, we realized that a lot of people just want some guidance decorating their homes and don’t need a major renovation that is synonymous with the traditional idea of an interior design HK service. But they often end up with expensive renovation proposals by interior designers in Hong Kong.

With The Editors Company, we wanted to make home design much more accessible. We want to be the go-to friendly interior decorator in Hong Kong. Our founding team consists of an interior designer and a retailer who understand the wonderful but challenging process of decorating an amazing home. We look forward to helping you out.


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