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Make room for life.

Collaborate with an online interior decorator to create your dream home from 60+ brands for HKD2,600/room, no mark-ups.


Collaborate with an interior decorator to effortlessly decorate your dream home by curating from more than 60+ brands of furniture, rugs, lighting, curtains, accessories, and wall paint - all the way until you are happy.


We design based on your unique style and aspirations, so it becomes a home that fosters wellness for you and your family. 



The easiest way to create your dream home.


Chat with an interior decorator for a free "mood-board email" with your personalized mood-board and initial decoration ideas. 

(2-3 days)


If we're aligned, then we start collaborating on a design plan and detailed shopping list.

(7-10 days)


Once you're happy with our recommendations, we help you procure from 60+ brands and services.


We'll help you keep track of everything. Just relax and enjoy your new home!


One-on-one Service

Your interior decorator works with you one-on-one, taking your feedback along the way until you're happy with your new home. Working with us is like working with a good friend who happens to be really good at interior decoration in Hong Kong.

What's your style? 

We'll work with you to develop your unique interior design style, and decorate a home you'll love.

Save Time and Hassle

An easy step-by-step process that takes 7-10 days 

from conceptualization to ordering.   We recommend more than  60+ brands to find what's right with you.

Design Better

We design and furnish according to your unique personality and needs. We work closely with your feedback along every step of the way. It is your home, after all.

Maximize Your Budget

We work with your budget and strategize how to invest to get the best look and quality. And our flat fee of  HKD2,100/room and no markups saves you invaluable time and money in the process.


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"The Editors Company team is all about communicating in a way that doesn’t come across as too formal, which makes it feel like you are messaging a friend and asking for their advice."

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Curate from 60+ brands of furniture, accessories, rugs, curtains, wall finishing, and lighting – all in one place.

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Our Story

An accessible home design service. 

Interior design in Hong Kong is often thought of as an exclusive service reserved for those with big budgets and who will totally renovate their homes. However, we realized that a lot of people just want some guidance decorating their homes and don’t need a major renovation that is synonymous with the traditional idea of an interior design Hong Kong service. 

With The Editors Company, we want to make home design much more accessible. We want to become the go-to friendly interior decorator in Hong Kong. Our founding team consists of an interior designer and a retailer who understand the wonderful but challenging process of decorating an amazing home. We look forward to helping you out.

As we grow our service to include more homes, brands and interior designers in Hong Kong, we hope that you will join us in making our small contribution to foster a community of people who genuinely care about their homes, neighbors, and city as a whole. If you have any ideas or feedback, or just want to chat, just give us a shout at or on WhatsApp!


Who will I be working with?

You will be working 1:1 with an interior decorator who will be with you throughout your home transformation journey from beginning to end. Your interior decorator in Hong Kong will get to know your wants, needs, and lifestyle habits, and from there collaborate with you to develop and execute an interior decoration plan. He/she will be with you every step of the way, all the way until you're happy with your new home! Oh, and we also make sure the quality of our decorators by recruiting interesting people with a passion for helping others, as well as ensuring all of our decorators have interior design training or was an interior designer in Hong Kong.

How much time-commitment do I have to put in?

How much time you want to spend is totally up to you! We have an online-based, collaborative process to make it possible to truly design a home that is perfect just for you. Your interior decorator will first listen and gather information through our casual consultation. The goal is to derive at a "moodboard email" (free of charge and before you pay any fee), with a moodboard and an initial elements plan to make sure we align on a vision and direction. Then once you decide to work with us, we develop a design plan with actual product recommendations from almost all possible interior descoration in Hong Kong. With your meaningful feedback, we revise until you're happy with the plan. Finally, we will help you procure the items, saving you countless time and effort so you can just sit back and watch your new home come to life. By working in this easy and collaborative way, our hope is to make interior design in Hong Kong much more more people can come home happy. :-)

How is your pricing so affordable?

We are able to do a LOT for each customer at an affordable flat fee, in large part because we partner with a bunch of great brands (close to 100 and counting!) to make sure that we can help our customers find great furniture and decor, while making sure we keep our fees very affordable and also not marking up from retail prices. To that end, we are working everyday to "democratize" interior design in HK, by helping everyone have a home they can come home that is decorated for wellness and relationships. Our platform aims to bring our customers, interior decorators, and brands together in a harmonious way and change our city - one home at a time!

Is it easy and risk-free to get started?

Yes! Once you fill out our style quiz, an interior decorator will get in touch with you to first gather basic information and listen to your wants, needs, and aspirations. We then consolidate everything and send you a "moodboard email" which includes a simple moodboard, color palette and an elements plan to summarize what we think the overall direction is. From there we listen to any feedback and address any further questions you might have. This is all free of charge and we only ask you to subscribe to our design plan after we feel like we're completely aligned.

Can you help with my renovation?

Yes, we can help you with our Renovation Lite™ service. Revnovation Lite™ is a lightweight but powerful consultation service to empower our customers in the renovation process. We work with you to set up the key style and foundational elements of your renovation project so that you can effectively and confidently communicate with your interior designer and contractor, and have an impartial second opinion to make sure you're asking the right questions. Visit for more info.