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The Best Scandinavian Style Home Decor In Hong Kong

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Image: The Editors Company

We are all in love with those minimal apartments with gorgeous contemporary home decor pieces that pretty much dominate all over social media. Curious to know more about the Scandinavian style and how it originally came about? Then you’ve come to the right place, read on to find everything you must know about Scandinavian style and how to source some of the best Scandinavian-inspired home decors in Hong Kong.

Image: Pinterest

Scandinavian style is a minimalist style that emerged in the 20th century within Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Denmark (Nordic countries) and became quite popular in the 1950s. Between 1954-1957 an international design show promoting the works of Nordic designers traveled through Canada and the United States.

The show was titled "Design in Scandinavia: A show of Objects for the Home," and that's when the term ‘Scandinavian design’ was coined. Scandinavian, Nordic and Hygge styles may sound different, but they are all quite similar styles, and all are defined by simplicity, comfort, and functionality.

Image: Design Forum

Characteristics of Scandinavian Style

The key features that identify a Scandinavian-style home decor piece and what makes it the most sought-after interior style nowadays are:

Presence of natural light

Scandinavian countries tend to be very dark during winter, natural lighting was a must-have feature in a house to bring in some air and light. Large windows represent the Scandinavian style home and they brought in light when it's sunny and used practical lamps when dark.

Uncluttered spaces

In the 1960s, Scandinavian homes were relatively small to fit vast amounts of decorations; thus, the homeowners embraced the ‘less is more’ design mantra, and for small apartments in Hong Kong, this is undoubtedly one of the best mottos to swear by.

Light wood

One feature that is hard to miss in Scandinavian style home decor is tables, shelves, or floors with a natural light wood accent that blends flawlessly throughout with the bright aesthetic of this design style. The wood is usually made from pine or ash trees to bring out that soft, light feature.

Wool and linen home textiles

Scandinavian style might be simple, but that doesn't mean that no decorations are allowed into a space. They are, but at a minimum.

Scandinavian style accessories are cozy and tend to provide warmth and comfort while still being stylish and artsy. These home accessories can range from throw blankets, pillows, floor rugs, table runners, ornaments and the list goes on.

Scandinavian Style Hong Kong Apartments

The city of Hong Kong has been in a housing crisis for two decades due to its history and development, and because of these issues, the houses available are extremely expensive or space deprived. To help manage this crisis and bring life into those small spaces, interior decorators incorporate these genius tips and take lots of inspiration from Scandinavian-style home decor.

Image: Pinterest

Looking to design a Scandinavian Style Hong Kong Apartment? Here are some reasons why you should go for it and also keep scrolling for our top 10 favorite Scandinavian home decor brands in Hong Kong.

Stylish and Practical

Scandinavian-style home decor is perfect for an apartment in Hong Kong because it serves two purposes. The design oozes simplicity making it easy to mix and match and it's also easy to maintain when swapping out your home decor for every season.

Easy to organize

Most Scandinavian-style furniture includes thoughtful storage and is built with drawers and shelves to keep spaces free from clutter, making organizing a small space easy, achievable, and perfect for couples or families.


Scandinavian style accessories and home decor are not made for a specific room, making them easy to mix and match in any room and be as creative as you like.

Image: The Editors Company

Top 10 Scandinavian Home Decor Brands in Hong Kong

Image: Manks

Founded in 1996, Manks is an expert in excellent Scandinavian style furniture, accessories, lighting, and all kinds of antiques. It is located in Wong Chuk Hang in a 6000sq ft showroom that features simple, functional, and modern furniture designs reflecting the proper aspect of the Scandinavian lifestyle.

Image: Emoh Design

Emoh is a furniture retail company in Kwun Tong, packed with cozy and effortless furniture and Scandinavian style accessories to bring natures love into a home space.

Emoh’s designs believe that everyone deserves a life filled with bliss and comfort.

Image: Ziinlife

Established in 2013, this Scandinavian-style home decor brand believes that "every Ziinlife piece is inspired by the unexpected beauty found in everyday life." With its most outstanding craftsmanship being the Tree Folding Table. Like its name, it is a table easy to fold up after use to save space. Undoubtedly one of the best and most practical Scandinavian style-inspired piece of furniture and perfect for a small spaced apartment.

Image: Google

At.home is a furniture brand that fully embraces the Scandinavian style home decor of simple and fun colors in its accessories and neatly crafted furniture to bring life and fit into the small spaces. Its feminine and elegant style store is located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Image: Establo

This modern furniture brand is located in Tsuen Wan, and crafts unique furniture pieces from natural materials, like light woods (made from pine and beech trees) to bring light and airiness to a space, to one-of-a-kind artistic lounge chairs that will add an instant cosy feel.

Image: Lifetime Kidsroom

Located in Grand Central Plaza, this Scandinavian-style furniture store specializes in creating kids furniture, especially for quality and timeless beds. They say the beds are made from natural pinewood, hence safe and robust that "grows with your child."

Image: Out of stock

A one-stop design studio that prides itself in creating great furniture pieces characterized by Scandinavian style of subtle hues, finest materials, and excellent craft to ensure the products are durable. Out of Stock says that they have fully embraced the Scandinavian style in Hong Kong.

Image: Muji

Of course, a global favorite, this Scandinavian style design brand specializes in modern storage furniture that is perfect for a Hong Kong home because of its multiple cabinets that serve as storage units. Muji home decor items have modular pieces that make it easy and practical to organize a small home space.

Image: The Floristry

"Inspired by the wild," the elegant floristry says that their brand has for sure embraced the Scandinavian style in Hong Kong, as the flowers are curated to bring elements of nature to people's lives and homes.

Image: My Concept

A mid-century, modern, and contemporary design store with a Scandinavian twist specializing in wood accents like toys, furniture, lighting accents, and decor that is artsy to decorate and serve their function.

If you’re thinking of a home makeover or relocating, these are some of our favorite Scandinavian home decor brands in Hong Kong. Still need help with finding out your style? Take our style quiz to find out!

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