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Declutter and Donate: How and Where You Can Rehome Your Homeware in Hong Kong

Whether you're moving homes or just trying to declutter, donating homeware and electrical appliances in Hong Kong is relatively easy. Of course, you can always sell your furnishings online, but donating household items, big or small, helps reduce waste, supports sustainable living, and assists those in need.

You can give a second life to pre-loved items by bringing your furnishings to a non-profit organisation in Hong Kong. This includes everything from a shelf, sofa, and bed frame to electrical appliances and books.

Interior decorators accessing a home

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Why You Should Donate Your Second-Hand Items in Hong Kong

Various non-profit organisations accept homeware donation items, providing services that range from pickup to drop-off options. This goes towards supporting low-income families, needy young people, and local communities. These initiatives help them affordably furnish their homes and reduce landfill waste.

Man moving couch

What you donate isn't limited to high-quality goods. If you have homeware in good condition, consider giving them a new home rather than discarding them. This also applies to other in-demand items like:

●  Baby items

●  Books

●  Small electrical appliances

●  Wearable clothing

●  Bedding

Commonly Asked Questions

Where Can I Donate Homeware in Hong Kong?

Address: Unit A and C, 21/F, Young Ya Industrial Building, 381-389 Sha Tsui Road Tsuen, Wan, N.T., Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2328 3901

Service: Greendot aims to promote sustainable living by giving pre-loved items a second chance. They support families in need by redistributing donated goods; those that cannot be redistributed are sold on their second-hand market.

Donation Process: Visit their website to arrange a pickup or drop-off. They focus on larger items, including everyday homeware like TV stands, cabinets, dining tables, chairs, sofas, wardrobes, and small decorative items like paintings and vases.

Address: Room 1208, 12/F, Tetra, 368 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan

WhatsApp: +852 6587 9357

Service: Happy Shop collects, refurbishes, and resells high-quality used homeware to promote green living and resource reuse in Hong Kong. They offer collection, refurbishment, and custom services to reduce waste and encourage environmental sustainability.

Donation Process: Find out more about their pickup service here. They give a second life to several household pieces, including office chairs, desks, shelves, and used electrical appliances.

Couple wrapping an armchair for donation

Address: 2 Castle Peak Road, Gold Coast, Tuen Mun N.T. Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2332 4433

Service: Crossroads Foundation connects those in need with those who can help by redistributing donated goods. Your pre-loved items will help those in Hong Kong and international communities. They accept larger items and small electrical appliances in good condition.

Donation Process: Submit your items via their website and get approval before arranging a drop-off. They most urgently need larger items like mattresses, sofas, and wardrobes, as well as smaller second-hand items like books for young people, baby items, and electrical appliances. Clothing is not accepted.

Headquarters Address: 11 Wing Sing Lane, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2332 4433

Service: People often ask, 'How do I donate to the Salvation Army Hong Kong?'. The Christian action charity is well known for providing to families and young people in need and supporting community programs, including the elderly in Hong Kong. They have dozens of collection points around the city for your convenience.

Donation Process: Contact their hotline or WhatsApp (+852 9688 5670). The Salvation Army in Hong Kong arranges for large collections (E.g., 5 large bags of clothes). They also accept various small donation items, including books, wearable clothing, and household items like electrical appliances, on behalf of local communities. However, they currently do not accept large household items like sofas, cabinets, or tables.

Address: Room N, 9/F, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre, 460 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 9847 7838

Service: Speedy Move offers homeware disposal and donation services in Hong Kong, focusing on sustainability and community support. They collaborate with local charities to repurpose gently used household furnishings and items to provide a cash-back incentive for those who donate.

Donation Process: Contact them to arrange a free pickup service. They currently accept gently used items, including larger items like sofas, tables, chairs, and small appliances.

Armchair that has been bubblewrapped

Service: Carousell allows you to list all kinds of items for free in Hong Kong, making it easy to find new homes for your household items. While it is not a non-profit organisation, it still diverts your furnishings away from the landfill and gives them a second life.

Donation Process: Create an account, take photos of the items you wish to give away, and list them as free. You can offer in-person pickup service or mailing services. Beyond furnishings and decorative items, Carousell is excellent for selling used wearable clothing.

Tips: Respond promptly to inquiries and provide clear pickup instructions. Use terms like "pre-loved items" to emphasise the value of donations. Ensure you have clear pictures to show your items are still in good condition.


Service: Use Facebook groups and Marketplace for homeware donation items. This method helps reach a large pool of people who are looking to furnish their homes affordably.

Donation Process: Join local community groups or use the Marketplace to post donation listings. Take clear photos, provide detailed descriptions, and specify that the item is free. You can offer

Tips: Be wary of scammers who target Facebook listings. Verify the profile of those who contact you and never exchange money to cover shipping costs. Opt for local pickups to avoid shipping scams and report any suspicious requests.

Man moving a coffee table

How Do I Prepare Homeware For Donation?

Before donating any homeware, clean and check the condition of the homeware, household goods, or wearable clothing. Being transparent about minor damages, dents, or structural issues is essential. Ensure all critical parts, such as screws and cushions, are included.

Beyond that, different non-profit organisations may have different guidelines for their donation process.

For example, some may require you to disassemble your homeware beforehand, while others want to inspect the furnishings in person to verify they are in good condition.

Before you arrange pickup and drop-off, so be sure to confirm their requirements.

Boxes of homeware and items

How to Dispose of Old Homeware in HK?

There are many reasons why you might not be able to donate or give away your home furnishings, for example:

●  Surplus of Items: The charity already has an excess of the specific item you are offering.

●  Condition of Items: Items are damaged, stained, or not in good condition.

●  Storage Limitations: Limited storage space prevents the acceptance of bulky items.

●  Relevance: Items do not align with the charity's current needs or focus areas.

●  Sanitary Issues: Items require extensive cleaning or sanitisation.

If you're facing this issue and aren't able to donate your items online through Carousell or Facebook, you may have to contact a removal service to dispose of your homeware properly.

Many Hong Kong companies offer removal and disposal services. Depending on the size and weight of your homeware, costs can range from HK$200 to HK$600 per item.

For more comprehensive removal services that include recycling or disposal in an environmentally friendly manner, costs can be higher.

Woman bubble wrapping an armchair

Giving Homeware a Second Life

Donating homeware and electrical appliances in Hong Kong is a great way to declutter your home while helping those in need and supporting sustainable practices.

Donating to charitable organisations such as Greendot, Happy Shop, Crossroads Foundation, and the Salvation Army can ensure your items are reused and benefit local communities.

These organisations make the donation process easy. Consider giving your pre-loved items a second life and making a positive impact on the environment and society at the same time.

Don't Rehome, Just Redesign Your Home

Feel like your homeware needs an upgrade? It's not uncommon.

Minimalist living room with plants

But, sometimes, all it takes is a fresh perspective to turn your old homeware items into beloved pieces again! At The Editors Company, we specialise in home styling that breathes new life into your existing furnishings.

Let our experts reimagine your space, using what you already own to create a beautiful, cohesive look with a few new, fresh decor items

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