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Renovation Lite

Set your renovation project on the right track.

Figure out the key style elements needed for your renovation project, so that you can confidently communicate with your contractor.

Why This Service?

Renovating a home is an exciting yet expensive and emotionally taxing experience. And many people fall prey to bad outcomes due to the communication gaps with their contractors (whether intended or not) and a big variation in the quality of designers (as there is no formal qualification system in Hong Kong). Or they might settle for that reliable contractor they know but forgo the perfect style they've always dreamed of.

The Editors Companys' home stylists - all with solid design backgrounds - partner with you to set up a personalized framework for your design project, which empowers you to effectively communicate your dream homes in concrete design language.

Key Style & Foundational Elements

Renovation Lite™ is a lightweight but powerful consultation service to empower our customers in the renovation process.

We work with you to set up the key style and foundational elements of your renovation project so that you can effectively and confidently communicate with your designer and contractor, and have an impartial second opinion to make sure you're asking the right questions.



Figure out your...

What You Get


  • Complimentary Chat An initial chat to understand your thinking and where you are in the process, and to give you some overall tips on what's important to look out for based on your situation. This can be done virtually within about 20-30 minutes, once we have the necessary info. If you feel like we can help, we can continue with the consultation. 

  • Consultation - A clinic session to dig deeper into your project and your aspirations, and to capture your thoughts into a basic and useful summary of concrete design ideas and language. 

  • Blueprint Document - An actionable document summarizing our recommendations (mood-board, colour palette, material selection, layout concept, key elements) that you can use to confidently shop for and work with your contractor/designer.

  • Meeting Support - Provide in-person meeting support alongside your contractor/designer during the design stage, so we can assist you in communicating the Blueprint, review their material selection and plans, and ask the right questions.

  • Follow-on support - To provide you with ongoing support to help you review your contractor's deliverables, to make sure they're in line with your design direction from our Consultation and Blueprint.


Traditional designers can costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars to help you with all the nitty-gritty details and finishes, and that's great.  But if you're looking to just set up a framework for your renovation, you can hire our home stylists at HKD 1,500/hour for the support you need. We're here to support you in creating your dream home.


Feel free to pick and choose just the parts you need help on, or just reach out to discuss what makes sense for you.

Complimentary Chat -to understand more of your project

Typically 30 minutes (free)

Consultation -ideas bouncing and suggestions on how to implement ideas and material

Typically 2 hour 

Blueprint Document -an actual document of ideas where you can bring it to your contractor and ask them to source it for you

Estimated 5 hours 

Meeting Support -on going meeting support with contractor 

Estimated 3 hours

Follow on Support 

Estimated 3 hours 

Complimentay Accessories (service age)

Get Started

To get started, send us some information via WhatsApp (+852 6012 0095) or email us at to start an easy conversation about how we could help.

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