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Interior Design Lite

Set your renovation project on the right track.

Take charge of your renovation process with our agile interior design consultation service.

Why This Service?

Designing your home can be expensive and emotionally taxing, and many homeowners face communication gaps and subpar design with their contractors due to lack of formal qualifications or experience in the industry. 

At The Editors Company, our experienced home stylists partner with you to create a personalized framework for your design project, empowering you to confidently communicate your dream home in concrete design language. Don't settle for less – let us help you achieve your dream home.

Define Your Key Elements

Interior Design Lite™ is a lightweight but powerful consultation service to empower our customers in the renovation process.

The key is to set up the key style and foundational elements of your dream home so that you can effectively and confidently communicate with your contractor/designer, and have an impartial second opinion to make sure you're asking the right questions.



Figure out your...

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A virtual session to understand your project's goals and provide overall tips and insights to navigate the design process. (20 minutes)


Complimentary Chat


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At The Editors Company, we believe in transparent pricing. We charge a flat rate of HKD 1,500/hour for our service. We also understand that every project is unique, so you have the flexibility to pick and choose just the parts you need help with.

For example, here's what a project might look like...

  • Complimentary Chat: We offer a free 30-minute chat to understand more about your project and how we can help.

  • Consultation: A 2-hour session where we can bounce ideas and provide suggestions on how to implement ideas and materials.

  • Blueprint Document: An actual document of ideas that you can take to your contractor and ask them to source for you. This service takes an estimated 11 hours.

  • Meeting Support: We can provide ongoing meeting support with your contractor, estimated at 3 hours.

  • Follow-on Support: We provide an estimated 3 hours of follow-on support to ensure that your project is on track.


Example Project Fee: HKD 28,500

Complimentay Accessories (service age)

Get Started

To get started, send us some information via WhatsApp (+852 6012 2802) or email us at to start an easy conversation about how we could help.

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