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Your Temporary Hong Kong Home: 32 of the Best Serviced Apartments to Book Now

Whether you're moving to Hong Kong or just stopping by for a few months, finding the right place to stay can make all the difference in navigating the city.

With all it has to offer, Hong Kong is a tapestry of various neighbourhoods, each offering unique charm and conveniences. From the bustling business hub of Central and Admiralty to the cultural richness of Kowloon, a world of exploration awaits you.

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Before you dive into your search, it's essential to know that space in Hong Kong comes at a premium. But don't worry—there are many great serviced apartments that suit every budget and need! 

Whether you're looking for a luxury high-rise with all the amenities or a more budget-friendly option that still offers comfort and convenient locations, we've got you covered.

In this guide, we'll cover all the most commonly asked questions and highlight different serviced apartments across various districts. 

We'll help you navigate options that blend home comforts with the perks of a lavish hotel. If you fancy tackling two birds with one stone and want to start your rental apartment hunt, start with our comprehensive guide: Renting an Apartment in Hong Kong: The Ultimate Guide.

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Let's dive in and start your exciting journey to find your temporary home away from home in Hong Kong!

Table of contents:

How much is a serviced apartment in Hong Kong?

If you're wondering about the cost of serviced apartments in Hong Kong, it depends on what you're looking for. Here's a rough idea to help you plan:

  • Studio apartments and coliving spaces usually cost between HKD 9,000 and HKD 40,000 per month, depending on the location and amenities. They are perfect for solo travellers or couples who need a cosy place to stay.

  • One-bedroom apartments typically cost HKD 20,000 to HKD 60,000 per month and are great for those needing more space and comfort.

  • Two-bedroom apartments generally cost between HKD 50,000 and HKD 100,000 per month, and they are ideal if you need extra room for family or work.

  • Three-bedroom and larger apartments: For those who want luxury and space, these can cost from HKD 70,000 to over HKD 200,000 per month.

Most of these prices include utilities, housekeeping, and access to amenities like gyms and swimming pools, particularly the ones on the higher end of the price spectrum, so you get more bang for your buck!

The moment you want to start planning for a future permanent home, we're here to bring your vision to life!

Click this link to start our style quiz and schedule a free 15-minute consultation. We'll decode your style preferences and discuss how to make your space feel like home. Start your styling journey today!

Which part of Hong Kong is the best place to stay?

Choosing where to stay in Hong Kong can be tricky, especially because every neighbourhood from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon has something different. Here are some of the most popular residential areas to look out for:

Central & Admiralty

  • Best for: Business travellers and luxury lovers.

  • Highlights: This area is ideal if you're in town for business. It's close to many of the major corporate offices in Hong Kong but also offers the best high-end shopping destinations and fantastic dining spots. This is the spot for you if you´re prioritising convenience and are drawn to areas buzzing with activity. You'll find top hotels, luxury serviced apartments, quick access to the MTR and other transport options.

Wan Chai & Causeway Bay

  • Best for: Nightlife enthusiasts and shoppers.

  • Highlights: Perfect for those who love the feeling of a city that never sleeps, shopping, and a variety of dining options. Wan Chai and Causeway Bay have it all, including a few cultural and historical sites like the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and Victoria Park. It's a lively area with plenty of entertainment and easy access to public transportation.


  • Best for: Newcomers and culture lovers.

  • Highlights: Offering a heady mix of luxury and local charm. Areas like Tsim Sha Tsui provide stunning harbour views and easy access to major attractions like the Star Ferry, Avenue of Stars, and numerous museums. It's also a destination for large malls and local markets.

Sheung Wan, Sai Ying Pun & Kennedy Town

  • Best for: Young professionals and expatriates.

  • Highlights: These areas are great if you want a more relaxed, local vibe, making it one of the most popular resiential areas as of late. All three boast trendy cafes, boutiques, and a mix of old and new Hong Kong. Well-connected by public transport, they offer a slower pace while still being close to the action in Central.


  • Best for: Families and long-term residents.

  • Highlights: Known for its residential feel, Mid-Levels offers great views and a quieter environment while still being within arms' reach of Central. It's popular among expatriates and families due to its proximity to international schools and spacious living areas. Just be wary of the up-and-downhill slopes you´ll have to manoeuvre.

Happy Valley & Tai Hang

  • Best for: Sports enthusiasts and families.

  • Highlights: Famous for its racecourse, Happy Valley is a leafy, upscale residential area with a community feel. Nearby Tai Hang offers a quieter alternative with boutique cafes and a more laid-back atmosphere.

Quarry Bay & Tai Koo

  • Best for: Families and professionals.

  • Highlights: These areas are known for their residential buildings and are becoming increasingly popular with families due to their spacious apartments and good schools. They're also home to several major corporate offices and conveniently have nearby shopping centres.

Wong Chuk Hang & Tai Tam

  • Best for: Nature enthusiasts and tranquillity seekers.

  • Highlights: Ideal for those who enjoy a peaceful lifestyle close to nature. Wong Chuk Hang combines industrial chic with trendy cafes and art spaces, while Tai Tam offers lush greenery and hiking trails. Both areas provide spacious luxury Hong Kong serviced apartments, making them perfect for families and expatriates who prefer a quieter environment with modern amenities.

Repulse Bay

  • Best for: Beach lovers and growing families.

  • Highlights: Repulse Bay is perfect for those who enjoy a quiet, resort-like lifestyle close to the beach. This upscale neighbourhood offers spacious luxury serviced apartments with stunning sea views and top-notch facilities. It’s ideal for families who want a serene environment, an excellent school network, and easy access to sandy beaches.

Each area in Hong Kong has its unique charm and caters to different lifestyles and preferences. Whether you're looking for the hustle and bustle of the city or a more serene environment, there's a perfect spot for you in this dynamic city.

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What is the difference between a serviced apartment and a guest house?

Good question! These terms are often used interchangeably, but generally, the two can be distinguished by their offerings, for example:

Serviced Apartments: These are fully furnished apartments with regular housekeeping, concierge services, and amenities like gyms, pools, and business centres. They're designed for short—and long-term stays and offer a homey feel with hotel-like services.

Guest Houses: More basic in terms of amenities and services. You usually get a private room with minimal furnishings, and facilities like bathrooms and kitchens might be shared. They're budget-friendly and cater to short-stay travellers.

So, if you're looking for a more luxurious, convenient location and comprehensive stay, Hong Kong serviced apartments are the way to go. Guest houses are great if you're on a budget and don't need all the extra frills.

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How long can I stay in a serviced apartment?

The length of stay can vary, depending on availability and the property you choose to move ahead with. Here's the scoop:

Short-term stays: Many serviced apartments offer daily or weekly rates, perfect for business travellers or tourists.

Medium-term stays: Monthly rates are standard and ideal for expatriates, project-based professionals, or those in the midst of relocating.

Long-term stays: Some places offer leases for six months to a year or longer, often with discounts for extended contracts.

To ensure you get the best deals, check with the property for its minimum stay requirements and any discounts it offers for longer stays.

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What to consider when choosing a serviced apartment in Hong Kong

With plenty of options, narrowing down which serviced apartment in Hong Kong is best for you can be overwhelming. Obviously, price and affordability will play a significant role, but with extended stays, there are some other aspects you may want to include in your criteria.


  • Pick a location that fits your routine. If you're working, proximity to your office is crucial. For leisure, choose public transport, like the MTR, bus or tram.

  • Popular areas include Central for business, Wan Chai for nightlife, Causeway Bay for shopping, and Tsim Sha Tsui for a mix of luxury and local culture.

Apartment Size

  • Think about how much space you need. Studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments are great for individuals or couples. Families or those needing more room might opt for two or three-bedroom units with larger kitchens.

  • Consider if you need extra space for work, entertainment or hobbies.

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  • Look for amenities that will make your stay more comfortable, like a gym, swimming pool, laundry facilities, and housekeeping services.

  • High-end apartments also offer concierge services, business centres, and on-site dining options.


  • Moving countries often means your fur friends are along for the ride. If you have pets, make sure the serviced apartment is pet-friendly. Some places even offer pet amenities like beds, bowls, and welcome gifts.

  • Check if there are restrictions on the type or size of pets and if there are additional fees for bringing them along.


  •  If you´re buying or leasing a car when you get to Hong Kong, check if parking is available and if there are any additional costs included.

Reviews and Recommendations

  • Look for reviews from previous tenants to get an idea of their experiences and see if the property lives up to what they present online. If you have friends or colleagues familiar with Hong Kong, go to them for recommendations or ask them to check it out on your behalf beforehand. 

With these factors in mind, you can narrow down the Hong Kong serviced apartments that fit your needs, making your stay more enjoyable.

The best luxury serviced apartments in Hong Kong

Wan Chai, Causeway Bay & Happy Valley

Price: HKD 40,000 - HKD 70,000 per month

Features: Offers elegant apartments with modern amenities and personalised services. It is ideal for those seeking a blend of luxury, comfort and spacious accommodation.

Price: HKD 30,000 - HKD 55,000 per month

Features: Contemporary living spaces with convenient access to public transportation and business districts. Apartment hotels like Eaton Residences are perfect for professionals who prioritise both style and a need for convenient locations.

Price: HKD 35,000 - HKD 60,000 per month

Features: Luxurious living with fully equipped kitchens and access to a gym and a terrace. Suitable for extended stays with a need for high-end amenities.

Price: HKD 32,000 - HKD 60,000 per month

Features: A step above your average hotel room, these fully furnished apartments include a unique outdoor fitness centre, club lounge, and terrace. Great for those who enjoy an active and social lifestyle

Wong Chuk Hang & Tai Tam

Price: HKD 28,000 - HKD 50,000 per month

Features: Modern living spaces with convenient access to the MTR, with connections to business districts and nearby hikes. Apartment hotels like these are made for guests seeking a quieter area while still being well-connected.

Price: HKD 35,000 - HKD 160,000 per month

Features: Hong Kong Parkview offers expansive living spaces, lush greenery at its doors, and top-notch amenities like a complimentary clubhouse membership. Perfect for families and expatriates who want to live large.

Central & Admiralty

Price: HKD 80,000 - HKD 150,000 per month

Features: These upscale apartments include fully equipped kitchens, stunning city views and spacious accommodations. They are the ultimate luxury for discerning travellers who feel at home with an established hotelier brand.

Price: HKD 35,000 - HKD 60,000 per month

Features: This property features a contemporary design, fully equipped kitchens, and easy access to prime locations. It is suitable for professionals needing convenience and style.

Price: HKD 50,000 - HKD 90,000 per month

Features: Stylish units with modern amenities, designer touches and housekeeping services. Primed for those wanting a polished living space in the heart of the city.

Price: HKD 55,000 - HKD 100,000 per month

Features: Fully furnished suites with views of Victoria Harbour or Hong Kong Park and pet-friendly accommodations for furry friends under 15kg. Great for families and pet owners.

Price: HKD 30,000 - HKD 70,000 per month

Features: For those looking for a one-year stay, these elegant apartments with modern amenities make for an urban sanctuary. They are perfect for those looking for full-package serviced apartments.

Sheung Wan, Sai Ying Pun & Kennedy Town

Price: HKD 35,000 - HKD 60,000 per month

Features: Modern, fully equipped units with stunning city views. Ideal for professionals and couples looking to put down roots in the city.

Price: HKD 28,000 - HKD 50,000 per month

Features: Offers stylish, minimalist apartments across Hong Kong, each with easy access to public transportation. Great for young professionals and couples.

Price: HKD 30,000 - HKD 55,000 per month

Features: Modern serviced apartments with convenient access to Sheung Wan MTR station. Suitable for those needing quick access to city life and basic amenities. 


Price: HKD 70,000 - HKD 150,000 per month

Features: This luxurious complex, located in Tsim Sha Tsui, blends traditional Chinese design with modern amenities like free WiFi. It is perfect for those who appreciate cultural elegance and contemporary comfort.

Price: HKD 80,000 - HKD 160,000 per month

Features: Synonymous with opulence, the Rosewood serviced apartments in Tsim Sha Tsui naturally come with high-end amenities and cover all your basic needs, like internet access. Ideal for guests who never wish to compromise on exceptional services.

Price: HKD 50,000 - HKD 100,000 per month

Features: Located in Kowloon, it offers superb views of Victoria Harbour and the Kowloon Peninsula, with facilities like a fitness centre, swimming pool, and lounge. Suitable for those who love an excellent view of Hong Kong.

Price: HKD 50,000 - HKD 170,000 per month

Features: Conveniently situated in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, offering spacious units and comprehensive amenities like free WiFi. Perfect for families and business travellers.

Price: HKD 30,000 - HKD 50,000 per month

Features: Boutique Hong Kong serviced apartments with cosy layouts and modern amenities. Great for those wanting a more intimate, no-frills living experience.

Quarry Bay & Taikoo Shing

Price: HKD 29,000 - HKD 60,000 per month

Features: Offering a variety of serviced apartments ranging from studio apartments to two-bedroom suites. Residents can enjoy access to a 24-hour fitness centre, a stylish lounge, a reading area, free WiFi, and exceptional interiors.

Repulse Bay

Price: HKD 80,000 - HKD 150,000 per month

Features: These elegant serviced apartments provide stunning sea views, flexible leasing options, and high-end finishes. Residents have access to a range of facilities including a fitness centre, indoor pool, and The Club with its dining and recreational amenities. Perfect for those wanting a tranquil yet upscale serviced apartment in Hong Kong.

Mid-Range Serviced Apartments in Hong Kong

Price: Around $18,000–$30,000 per month

Features: Fully furnished apartments with modern amenities located in Tsim Sha Tsui. Great for those who want a slice of admist a bustling location and all your basic amenities like internet access.

Price: Starting from HK$20,000 per month

Features: Located in Sheung Wan, offering studio apartments and one-bedroom units with unmatched harbour views. Suitable for business traveller guests and expatriates looking for comfortable, mid-range accommodations.

Price: Starting from HK$30,000 per month

Features: It offers a variety of residences, including studio apartments and penthouses, equipped with a fitness centre, 24-hour laundry room, internet access, and professional services. Located in the serene Tai Hang neighbourhood near Causeway Bay.

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Price: Varies, generally mid-range

Features: Airbnb offers a wide range of accommodations throughout Hong Kong, from cosy studios to larger flats. This option is excellent for guests looking for flexibility and lower costs compared to traditional serviced apartments.

You can find good deals in various neighbourhoods, providing a unique opportunity to experience local living. However, it’s important to note that Airbnb rentals typically do not include services like housekeeping or concierge, which are common in Hong Kong serviced apartments.

Budget-Friendly Serviced Apartments in Hong Kong

Price: $3,500–$4,200 per month

Features: For the price-conscious, these 30–50 square foot rooms include free Wi-Fi, a pantry, shared shower facilities, and coin-operated washing and drying machines. They are ideal for those who need a very affordable option, stopping for short stays and don't mind compact living spaces.

Price: $6,200–$8,900 per month

Features: This serviced apartment in Tsim Sha Tsui is an excellent choice for single travellers who want convenience and socialising. It offers a TV, free in-room Wi-Fi, weekly housekeeping, a shared microwave, and a refrigerator.

Price: From $9,500 per month

Features: Located in Wan Chai, Soho, and Causeway Bay, offering a balance of space and accessibility with a fully-equipped kitchen and weekly cleaning services. Ideal for those travelling to the city or looking for short stays.

Price: $5,500–$11,000 per month

Features: With no-fuss and comfortable accommodations, Homey serviced apartments include a weekly cleaning service, TV, and free WiFi, with serviced apartments across different prime locations in Hong Kong

Price: Approximately $9,000–$15,000 per month

Features: For those open to co-living spaces, these modern, compact units with essential amenities like free WiFi are located in Tsim Sha Tsui. They are ideal for young professionals and couples looking for convenience and affordability.

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Always book your Hong Kong serviced apartment through a reputable channel or directly with the service provider to avoid falling for scams. If an offer feels too good to be true, it may just be! We wish you a successful hunt for your perfect home. No matter how temporary.

Want to get a jumpstart on perfecting your permanent home for the future? We’re here to help any space into a cosy, stylish retreat! Take our 1-minute style quiz to discover your design preferences and get paired with an interior expert!

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