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One-Stop Home Styling Service

Decorate expertly with a home stylist

Our process

Collaborate 1:1 With A Home Stylist

Work with a home stylist who collaborates closely with you to decorate a home that feels the most "you".

Without The Major Renovations

We help you create your dream home by working with furniture, accessories, rugs, lighting, wall color, curtains, and plants/florals.

Quality Recommendations

We work with 100+ quality brands and sellers so we are able to find the products and services that work perfectly for you.

HKD 3,500 Per Room, we will be here along the way

Your home stylist guides you to create a home that feels perfect just for you. 

Our process


Collaborate with an online interior decorator to re-imagine and furnish your home in your style and budget. This is interior design made easy.


Chat with an interior decorator for a free "mood-board email" with your personalized mood-board and initial decoration ideas. 

(2-3 days)


If we're aligned, then we start collaborating on an interior decoration plan with a detailed shopping list.

(7-10 days)


Once you're happy with our recommendations, we help you procure from 60+ furnishing and interior design brands.


We'll help you keep track of everything. Just relax and enjoy your new home!


Home Stylist.jpeg


Discover Your Style

This is one of the most important and also the trickiest part as we try to crystalize the vision of your new home. 

We will ask you for input on what you think you like and dislike. We'll ask you to take a style quiz and/or send us any Pinterest boards or reference pictures - the more info we get, the better! 

The goal at this stage is to align on key components that will form the foundation of your new home:

  1. Style direction

  2. Emotions to be evoked 

  3. Color palette

  4. Key materials

We'll also discuss the practical bits, such as timeline, budget, health concerns, etc. 

Our interior styling service is a guided process to decorate your home in a way that feels "perfectly you". Your personal home stylist will collaborate with you based on a design plan from conceptualization to procurement.


This collaborative process will typically take 2-3 weeks (excluding ordering lead times).



Experienced Home Stylists

Our home styling experts are dedicated to helping you create amazing spaces that feel personalized for you.

We Get To Know You

We listen and learn about you throughout the collaborative process to discover your style and aspirations.

Better Over Time

Your feedback, requests and ideas throughout the process help us get to know your individual wants and needs progressively more spot-on.

Want To Connect To Learn More?
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