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Solo Life

Scandinavian Natural

25,000 hkd

about the space

Situated along the Mid-levels escalator on a hilly street, this apartment is part of a newly refurbished building. Located high enough up Mid-levels, and with large windows fully across the width of the (wide) room, the impressive view of Hong Kong and sense of openness far compensates the compactness of the apartment. This apartment feels very much like a nest perched on a hill over the top of the city. 

Before Pictures

our take

Our first impression of Sarah was that of a high flying brand exec who might want us to glam up her space. Alas, time and again we learn to never judge a book by cover. As we spent time getting to know her better, we found that she was rather mellow in demeanor and favored the sentimental side of things. She is the type that valued her time at home to read and recharge. 


Sarah was rather clear in her vision for a home she could fall into at the end of a long day. Practically, she also wanted some space and functions for when she invited friends over. 


So we met Sarah half-way, defined her vision, framed her requirements, and helped bring her home to life. 

"I want a minimalistic place but also want my place to reflect my bubbly personality. How do I incorporate both?

Sarah is a luxury brand executive who recently moved to Hong Kong from Korea. Living and working aborad has been a long time dream of her's, so finding the right home for this part of her journey was really important. 


To find her place Sarah painstakingly went to many apartment viewings. But she knew her hard work paid off as soon as she stepped into this studio apartment. The apartment was compact in size but offered an unparalleled view of the city. Sarah felt like it could be her own little quiet perch overlooking the hustle and bustle of her new city.

the finished look

sleeping area

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H&M Home Mirror


IKEA Starry Lights

Muji Bed Sheet

hmgoepprod (3).jpg

H&M Rattan Rug

hmgoepprod (1).jpg

Zara Woven Throw

Stylist's Note 

The common concept of a bedroom has a bed with bedside table(s) next to it. This was also Sarah’s initial idea. 


We had another idea. We made use of her windowsill corner by using a rattan rug and a wooden cheese plate to act as a small, practical vanity corner for her. We didn’t fill it up with too many accessories because we knew it will fill up with other knick knacks over the course of daily life anyway. But the way we set it up also allowed for an “organized mess” that feels great. 


We then completed the space by choosing cotton bed sheets and accent linen cushions to match. 


living area

Stylist's Note 

We asked Sarah how she envisioned her living area. Sarah said she could imagine cozy Sunday nights snuggled up with her favourite books. And with that, we got started. 


A lounger with knitted materials took centre stage. We then used a simple round rug to section this area as the living area. We knew that Sarah liked simple lines and basic colors and at the same time also wanted to add some life to her space. So we opted with some artwork that fits this direction.


To complete the space, a balance of lighting that works with the other lighting sources was key. So we added an accent lighting emitting warm yellow light that simply draws you into the space. 


With this cozy corner set up, we may be partly to blame if Sarah goes out a lot less on the weekends ;) 

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DS05201_furniture store_0_700x700-700x70

EMOH Lounge



IKEA Floor Lamp


Francfranc Round Rug

open kitchen

Stylist's Note

Next to the living area is an open kitchen. Sarah usually dines out so the open kitchen is mostly for eating breakfast, having drinks with friends, and working. We chose a couple counter stools with a bit of an industrial touch to match the sleek modern kitchen, while the metal legs and raw wooden top easily matches the living space. 


We accessorised the kitchen with some useful kitchenware. We opted for beige colours with rattan and linen materials. This softened up the space and bring continuity from the other parts of the flat.

Editors' Pick - Head Vase

We thought of having some special accent/touch on the plain table so when we saw this vase in the store, we immediately picked it for Sarah! 


Originally a vase for plants, we used it as a small storage bowl for Sarah to organize her miscellaneous items in.

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Designer Chair - Tolix H Stool with Top

EMOH Bar Stools


H&M Home mat

Screen Shot 2019-09-28 at 12.30.01 PM.pn

H&M Home Serving Plates

The making of...

"The key is to make the space look lived-in."

Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create an amazing home for HKD1,650/room.

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