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#270 Project



Monica and Jihong from Toronto recently relocated and reached out to us to help them design their first Hong Kong home where they can plan to start their own family. 

Place: Three-bedroom apartment

Style: Calm, natural, and earthy

Location: Tai Hang Drive, Hong Kong


Newlyweds Monica and Jihong recently moved to Hong Kong for a fresh start and wanted a home where they could start their own family. They settled for a lovely apartment in Tai Hang that came unfurnished and they needed help with styling and where to find quality home furniture. 


Being new to Hong Kong, Monica found us on Instagram and needed support and guidance on where to shop for specific furniture and home decor items. She gave us her full trust and took on our interior design suggestions and advice while still doing her part by choosing what furniture she liked and what she didn’t like in the process.

the living space

NAtural elements - A calm sanctuary

The young married couple wanted a space where they could relax on a lazy Sunday afternoon and invite friends over for dinner. Monica had artwork, photos, and sentimental items that she wanted to incorporate into the new look of the apartment. We worked with this and also gave her more flexibility with space if she wanted to add more over time. Their living room had a gorgeous balcony that faced the beautiful green mountains. They wanted to create a calm and welcoming sanctuary and complement this view with the light wooden floors.
The living room and dining room run parallel to each other and we wanted to focus on light-colored, natural materials like wood and rattan textures to bring warmth to the space while adding on modern touches like marble and stylish gold accents. For the living room, we went for a fabric light grey sofa and a natural light wood rattan TV stand. We picked a white round coffee table with light wood legs and a white shaggy rug to bring coziness to the living area. Finally, we chose a wooden side table to match with a fun table lamp with gold accents.


food, family, and friends

For the dining area we chose a wooden dining table with matching wooden chairs and placed this on top of a gorgeous oriental rug with hints of lilac, blush and greys. Above the table hangs a bohemian rattan ceiling lamp creating resort-like feels. We then decided on a very stylish grey sideboard with marble top finish and wooden legs. To complete the room we went for tropical plants that tied the whole look together.

The making of...


Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create an amazing home for HKD5,600/room.

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