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#172 Project

Resort at home

Editors_Co-The_Waterfront-100 (1).jpg

Adele is an easy-going and friendly customer who was really great to collaborate with her. It was fun and easy to have the back-and-forth ideation with her as she was open to sharing and accepting new ideas. 

We are so happy to be able to create this space in which her partner made the comment: "it's like coming home to a resort everyday!". 

Place: A 3-bedroom apartment in Tsim Sha Tsui

Style: Scandinavian with some touches of the cozy resort style

Location: The Waterfront, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon Station


Adele and her partner have been living in this apartment for a while. They've decorated their apartment nicely but had been feeling an urge to redecorate lately - something didn't feel right and they wanted to come home to a more relaxing vibe.


We aligned on a theme of creating a similar feeling to coming home to a cozy resort at the end of a long day. We also knew we can't over-do it. We set up a corresponding palette of neutrals with accents of green, yellow and beige. With the concept direction set, we hit the ground running with the design collaboration.

Before & After

Editors_Co-The_Waterfront-070 (1).jpg

the living space

A touch of lush

Editors_Co-The_Waterfront-034 (1)_edited
We repainted all the walls and we suggested changing the wall color (which was dark grey) into a soothing off-white to make the area feel lighter and more spacious.

In keeping with the "resort" vibe theme, we picked a lantern floor lamp and a fabric beige sofa, with various plants. We also picked some accent green color accessories (rugs, cushions, even a green sideboard and mirror) to match her existing items. We figured tone-on-tone cushions don't have to be boring - mixing pops of colors like yellow and green cushions of different textures added a nice visual interest to the living room.

There was a long wall from the entrance to the window (back side of living room). Adele wanted to decorate it with her own collection but she found it difficult to match with the new furniture, so we helped her decide which items to keep or let go. Then we relocated some of the "keep" items into her study. Finally, we help her pick 2 new artworks and she was very happy with those.


food, family, and friends

Editors_Co-The_Waterfront-052 (1).jpg
Adele and her partner wanted to be able to invite more friends for dinner and she needs an extended dining table. To make it more contemporary and look less bulky, we picked some transparent dining chairs (the Kartell chairs) to match the table. 

Then, we offered advice and help her to redesign the wall along the dining area -  to decorate it with some wall shelves to put on her favorite ornaments and accessories. Adele is very open to our opinion,  her initial thought on the dining area was a more modern look. But upon our discussion, she accepted our idea of choosing wooden furniture instead (more Scandinavian). This softened up the space and made it more cozy and warm.

Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create an amazing home for HKD5,600/room.

The making of...

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