Furniture Procurement Service 

Get personalized décor recommendations from 60+ sellers within 2 working days and get them ordered, delivered, and installed for you...no hassle!

Get furniture recommendations

Why us?

An easier way to shop home décor

Our interior stylists do the heavy lifting, so you get personalized recommendations without having to sacrifice your weekends at multiple furniture shops.

We get to know you

Our experts work with you to find the perfect pieces. We interactively work with you until we get it right.

No markups

You pay what you would have paid at the store.

How it works


1. Tell us what you want

Tell us what you're after. And send us pictures and dimensions of your place, along with any products/pictures that inspired you.


2. We send you recommendations

Once we understand your requirements, we scour Hong Kong (and worldwide) and send you an initial proposal with detailed recommendations. We will then revise based on your feedback.


3. We take care of ordering

If you like what you see, then we will help you order it  and keep track of everything until it is delivered successfully. We also help you deal with any issues such as defects or delays.


This service is free of charge, and we don't mark up from retail price.



We stay in business by partnering with great brands, sellers, and dealers in Hong Kong and worldwide. And since we already spend our days looking for home decor for our customers, we are able to furnish you (no pun intended) with unbiased advice and quality service, while keeping this service free for you.