#15 Project

Industrial Apartment 

@ horizon plaza











"Industrial Apartment"     

Horizon Plaza, Ap Lei Chau

Design Lab Pop-up


Modern Chic


The Brief

Horizon Plaza in Ape Lei Chau has been a staple for furniture shopping in Hong Kong for the past 2 decades. It is a former industrial building of dozens of shops offering anything from sofas to tables to outdoor furniture. You can literally spend days here shopping for your home. The problem was, the large selection often overwhelmed the average shopper, making it tiring and confusing. 

To solve this problem, we decided to partner with Horizon Plaza to create an inspiration hub. Working with the brands in the building, we used their furniture to showcase ideas and we were on-site to chat with customers about ideas for their homes. And some of them turned into our customers!

The Big Idea
"What was so great was having free reins to create home inspirations for people."

Fion and Aaron, founders of The Editors Company, created this space by collaborating with Horizon Plaza and the brands in the building. 

The space was well received as a hub for connecting with customers over their aspirations for their homes in a serene, yet stimulating, environment. 

Serene hideaway

The Apartment

Hans Wegner 

Shell Chair


Indigo Living

Sofa w/ Chaise Lounge


Indigo Living

Coffee Table with Storage



Console Table


get the look


Indigo Living Sofa

shell chair.JPG

Wooden Stool


Indigo Living Coffee Table

Stylist's Note 

We had a blank space with a ton of great natural lighting to work with. This gave us a boundless opportunity to make our own choices. But as with anything, having little boundaries presented its own challenges. 

Our concept was to retain and enhance the serenity that the space itself offered, but at the same time make sure it's not just a boring white space. To do that, you might notice that we added many visual stimulations by incorporating textures and natural elements. 

Omos Home

Live Edge Coffee Table


Indigo Living



Omos Home



Stylist's Note 

We wanted our industrial apartment to showcase multiples styles so it serves as inspirations for our conversations with visitors. But we also had to make sure the different styles represented were not contradictory since it was an open connected space. 


a space for creativity

“It's truly amazing how the environment you create for yourself influences your creativity and productivity to such a big degree.”
- Fion  

The making of...


Need a little help yourself? Collaborate with us to create an amazing home for HKD2,100/room.